Bling it On!

By Poorima Apte

Sparkle sells. Even better, the endless variety of jewelry options out there — from Swarovski to synthetics — is malleable enough for practically every budget and every taste. For retailers, it’s a sure-fire way to ring up sales.

Bauble Basics

Designs by Liza Kim

Designs by Liza Kim

For true sparkle connoisseurs, Swarovski crystals make the cut. Jewelry designer Lorren Bell of Deluxe by Lorren Bell, says the quality is assured and that the crystals can be incorporated into both high-end, timeless pieces and everyday fashions. Also look for glass crystals, semi-precious stones and synthetic cabochons, says Rose Fritch, lead jewelry designer at Sorrelli, who adds that the possibilities with a large set of materials in various colors are endless. Liza Kim of Designs by Liza Kim says cubic zirconia is another popular option for sparkle and the array of colors can work to accommodate a variety of styles and base materials.

Heavy Metal
All that dazzle needs a firm base on which to rest and a variety of metals, some coated to look like the real thing (think gold and silver), do just that. Popular materials include copper since its malleability makes it easy to shape; it’s usually resistant to corrosion; and it develops a green patina, which is desirable depending on the artist’s design. Edgard Nieves at Sassy South Jewelry says rhodium is another popular metal base.



Trendy and Timeless
Exactly what styles are trending? The word across the board: tassels. Fritch suggests using chains and cords together and mixing colors and metal together. The classics — hoop earrings, stacked bracelets, rings — are always in fashion. Just look for updated versions with a twist.

For more information: Designs by Liza Kim,, 866.673.4844; Lorren Bell: Deluxe by Lorren Bell,, 214.651.0110; Sassy South Jewelry,, 404.586.0045; Sorrelli,, 877.659.4374.

Images courtesy of Designs by Liza Kim and Sorrelli.

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To obtain a Corporate Friday courtesy pass, participants must be 18 years or older and present a business ID card or a payroll stub with your full name along with a valid governments-issued photo identification. Registration for Corporate Friday ends at 5 p.m. For more information call 404.220.2446.

Earrings – Beyond the Stud

Earrings are making a statement this season. During January Market at Atlanta Apparel, we saw a stunning selection of bejeweled earring jackets, front-and-back peekaboo earrings, ear climbers and cuffs from several of our exhibitors. Take a look!

Earring jackets, earring cuffs. House of Harlow at Atlanta Apparel.

House of Harlow

SUCCARRA Showroom (Melanie Auld)

(Melanie Auld)

CC Skye jewelry at Atlanta Apparel

CC Skye

Judson & Company

Judson & Company




The History of Fragrance Jewelry

Lisa Hoffman jewelryBy Lisa Hoffman

Modern fragrance lovers embrace scent as a form of self-expression, but there was a time in the history of perfume when scent was worn as a form of aromatherapy cloaked in the splendor of ornament. Before science could explain why certain aromas had the ability to soothe, energize, and inspire, many were of the mind that particular scents could function as olfactory talismans of well-being and protection. From this notion splendid filigree and bejeweled creations were born.

Fragrant jewelry was a luxury designed to be aesthetically pleasing as well as practical. Solid perfumed balms filled the segmented chambers of 17th century necklaces made of precious metals. Designs varied, but many were engraved and some were intricately encrusted with jewels. The visual pleasure offered by a necklace with a decorative perfumed dome resting near the heart had several benefits; it was portable, fragrance could be applied as needed and admirers could find also find comfort in its presence.

Fragrant jewelry also took the form of earrings, lockets, bracelets and rings, each designed with portability in mind. In time, these customizable methods of enjoying scent were replaced with liquid perfume packaged in crafted glass bottles. Today, fragrant jewelry’s influence can be found in scented candles and potpourri which are used to aromatize environments and create a sense of well-being. Both hearken back to the days when balms, herbs, dried flowers and resins filled the aromatic chambers of fragrant jewelry, a method of self-perfuming that was the pinnacle of luxury in its time.

It has been my pleasure to re-introduce fragrance jewelry in a unique and modern way. My goal was to create pieces that are both beautiful and serve the olfactory needs of women today. The journey has been a labor of love and the response a great joy.

Lisa HoffmanVisit Lisa Hoffman Beauty on Floor 4 of Building 3 July 12-16 during the Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market.


‘Maximizing’ Your Jewelry Display

by John WindDesigner and Founder John Wind/Maximal Art

One of my favorite roles is that of Chief Merchandiser at our Trade Shows. Over our 27 years in business, I have developed a formula for displaying our jewelry that captivates buyers and makes the ordering process organized and easy.

I’m on the road a lot~ and I love seeing a good display! But we are always being asked how to improve jewelry displays.

So here are some secrets inspired by our trade shows, my travels, and my recent trunk show at Silver Gallery Int’l in Greensboro, NC.

  1. Whenever possible, keep the jewelry out of case and touchable. In many stores this means by the cash/wrap desk, which leads right into tip number two…
  2. Place jewelry in spots where customers linger. Because of its small scale, jewelry can easily get lost in a store. Try placing it near the cash desk or in a dedicated accessories area.
  3. Keep the display neat but not sterile. You want it too look rich, but inviting.
  4. Show multiples for impact. Massing a dozen of the same bracelet on a bar can pack a punch.
  5. Mix in some vintage props to add a touch of glamour and whimsy to the display.

Many thanks to our friends Lisa and Brittany at Silver Gallery Int’l for inspiring this blog post~ and I hope it inspires all of you, too!

For more tips and tricks on our display, head over to for the full article.



You can visit John Wind’s booth at the Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Market in January in High Design, Building 2 WestWing, Booth 1-519.

Atlanta Apparel Sets the Stage for 2011 Retail

Feb11_LogoWith the finishing details in place, Atlanta Apparel gears up for the New Year’s first Apparel Market, kicking off tomorrow, Feb. 3. Poised to welcome thousands of retailers, Atlanta Apparel is featuring the hottest trends of the upcoming seasons in women’s, men’s and children’s apparel with a special focus on Accessories.

As this year’s hottest category, accessories have gained the spotlight at Atlanta Apparel. These products that sell—and fast—will dominate Market. Supporting this trend is an educational seminar with forward-thinking speakers tapped to address how and when to add accessories and shoes to your business.  Accessories are crucial for a successful product mix, and this Market, Atlanta Apparel raises the stakes in variety of product offerings with hundreds of lines in jewelry, handbags, watches, belts and more–in styles fit for every buyer. IMG_9419

Plus, don’t miss the Daily Strut Fashion Shows, taking place every day at noon and 3 p.m. These mini-runway events highlight the premier trends of Market and support Friday night’s Style Runway Fashion Show, taking place at 6:30 p.m. on Floor 2.

Atlanta Apparel is your destination for trends, events, education and fun for the upcoming retail season. Prepare to be immersed in the fashion forward excitement tomorrow, Feb. 3 beginning at 11 a.m. with a Light-Up Lip Gloss Giveaway!

To read the entire Market release, click here.

Find Market details here.

Changa Named ‘Best of Show’ at September Markets

IMG_8764The Atlanta Fall Gift & Home Furnishings Market together with The Atlanta Gourmet Market closed yesterday, ending the three-day Market run. At Market, one spectacular company was recognized as the Best of Show for outstanding visual display in the gift and gourmet temporaries. Out of all the temporary booths, this company stood out above the rest. The Best of Atlanta winner demonstrated excellence in visual display above all others across the entire temporary gift and gourmet categories-staged on floor 7 in Building 1.

A first-time exhibitor at AmericasMart, the winner took its booth to a new level, using only handmade product IMG_8767created by friends and family. Featured product included handcrafted bark wood frames, flowers in a beautiful arrangement from a friend’s yard, rod-iron displays, handsewn drapery and table linens and custom clipboards. The 2010 Best of Show award was presented to the Changa, a new line of changeable jewelry headquartered in Hendersonville, NC.

More information about Changa can be found on their website:

“Small and Beautiful” Jewelry Company Contributes to Global Village

Part of the Global Village concept of products created by local craftspeople to support local economies, Kazuri’s kazuri2hand-painted, ceramic jewelry is made in Nairobi, Kenya. “Kazuri” is the Swahili word for “small and beautiful.”

Founded by Lady Susan Wood in 1975, by teaching two women the painstaking process of making ceramic beads using clay taken from near the base of Mt. Kenya. The company now employs more than 350 women, providing good salaries, excellent working conditions and a sense of self-sufficiency in a country where financial security for women is rare.  kazuri3

The women earn enough to pay for their children’s education in a positive environment that includes an on-site clinic, educational seminars and access to a savings and loan to help them achieve goals such as buying housing, land and cattle.

Every bead used to make neclaces, bracelets and earrings is shaped by hand without using molds or forms before being polished, kiln-fired, painted and fired again before being strung. Kazuri designs are created to work with fashions around the world. As word of the company inspires success, a growth kazuri1plan is already in place — at least 20 women are constantly in training to be ready for full-time employment as demand warrants.

Kazuri is available in the Diana Warner Studio at AmericasMart Atlanta (Bldg. 3, 8-E109B), or additional information is available at