A Pinch of Green

1. Leftbank Art Co. 2. Lacefield/J Douglas, Inc. 3. Accessory Drawer 4. Mills Floral & Home 5. Veritas/Veronica Flam 6. Global Views 7. Daniel Richards 8. CODARUS 9. Mr. Brown 10. Yedi Houseware 11. Hobo

Shop products in every color from select showrooms open year-round and during The Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market,® July 11 – 18, 2017.

PANTONE Color of the Year 2017: Greenery

Today, PANTONE announced its Color of the Year for 2017: Greenery.

“A refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings,” according to the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries.

At AmericasMart, we’re also seeing Greenery – in home furnishings, home accents, gifts, tabletop and more.


Global Views

How can you use Greenery in your designs or store? Check out our trend report “Tropical Escape” in the January 2017 edition of the AmericasMart Magazine, arriving to your stores, homes and offices this month.

Get an inside glimpse into the selection of the PANTONE Color of the Year and learn more about key color trends for 2017 — where they are coming from, why they are happening and where they are headed in the future — from Laurie Pressman, vice president of the PANTONE Color Institute in a presentation “Home 2017: At a Crossroads for Color + Design” on Friday, January 13 at The Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market.

Design Resource Debut

DÉCOR │ Light & Lifestyles Temporary collection opens in July
By Laura Raines

Building on the success of HIGH DESIGN and HD Home, AmericasMart unveils DÉCOR │ Light & Lifestyles during The Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market®, July 12 – 19, 2016. On Floor 8 of Building 1, the temporary, juried collection gives manufacturers of design-oriented home furnishings and accessories a showcase for fresh lines and ideas. Expect to discover a mix of lighting, furniture and a plentiful variety of fine linens and textiles, which are a fast-growing sector in the home market.

“Quality is the strong-point of this space,” says Marie Knight, vice president of Tradeshows. “We have found that grouping exhibitors in like-minded neighborhoods is a good idea. They often share similar buyers and complement one another.”

Madison Chair by TAILORED Taylor Burke Home

Madison Chair by TAILORED Taylor Burke Home

The new space creates an entirely fresh buying experience. “The collection is an expanded expression of what is new and next in lifestyle and lighting design,” says JoAnn Miller Marshall, AmericasMart executive vice president of Tradeshows. “The spacious booths, hard walls and floor layout give these top manufacturers the ultimate venue to showcase their sophisticated mix of the hottest trends in home furnishings design and décor.”

Exhibitors will be able to showcase their best options in a unique space. “The 8th floor is the perfect opportunity for us to show buyers a new mix of products,” says Julianne Taylor, founder and creative director for Taylor Burke Home. “We will create a beautiful cross-merchandised space to provide a fun shopping experience for our buyers.”

All the elements
French Market Collection has a permanent showroom of furniture, linens and rugs on Floor 14, but Peggy Richardson will show products from her new lighting company, Get Lit, in the new temporary space. Her venture with J.M. Piers took off in HD Home last year. This year, she’ll bring more designs in alabaster, glass and ceramic, a blend of traditional shapes with contemporary shades and colors, in low, medium and high price points. Having just returned from China, she plans to introduce muted colors (celadon, turquoise, pinks) to coordinate with French Market’s textile collections. “White will be back—it was a surprise hit last year,” she says. Designers exploring white’s range of warm to cool tones have made it a hot decorating trend.

Bamboo lamp by Get Lit

Bamboo lamp by Get Li

The new Décor │ Light and Lifestyles section allows Richardson to cross market. The booth floor will display one of her rugs and she’ll show Get Lit lamps in her permanent showroom. “With lighting, we have a new niche and revenue generator. Most homes need at least eight lamps,” she says. “We expect this area to be a must-see for stores and designers looking for something new and exciting.” She knows she’s in good company with quality manufacturers of lighting and soft goods. “Lighting, textiles and linens are growing because they are an economical way to change the entire look of a room,” she says.

Sophisticated mix
The new area is an opportunity for Taylor Burke Home to showcase the company’s new TAILORED by Taylor Burke Home line. “It’s perfect for designers working on a budget,” says Julianne Taylor, founder and creative director. “The styles are classic everyday chic designs and include gorgeous Lacefield and The Blush Label patterns among many other solids as part our standard fabric options. Best of all, the fabric is included.”

Glory by Callisto Home

Glory by Callisto Home

Gerry Nichol, co-owner of Callisto Home, sees the space as an excellent match for his elegant and sophisticated pillows, bed linens and window treatments in pale colors and neutrals, including designs featuring the latest demand accent, subdued gold. “Textiles are always in vogue, because people use them ubiquitously, and styles generally evolve faster than in furniture,” says Nichol. “We are excited to have the opportunity to showcase our work here. Our aim is to display our products beautifully and give our customers a pleasing experience.”

For more information: Callisto Home at callistohome.com or 201.866.0122; French Market Collection at frenchmarketcollection.com or 985.646.0678; Taylor Burke Home at taylorburkehome.com or 800.860.5821

Shop the new DÉCOR | Light & Lifestyles collection July 14 – 18 on Floor 8 of Building 1.

More Father’s Day Spending Predicted

By Christina O’Flaherty

Reservations to favorite dinner spots like JP Atlanta are filling up and the wrapping paper is at the ready: this year, dads are getting more expensive gifts than ever before.

The National Retail Federation’s annual Father’s Day survey predicts Americans will spend a collective $14.3 billion—that’s an average of $126 per gift giver. While not as high as Mother’s Day ($21.4 billion), it’s $5.3 billion more than consumers spent on dad just ten years ago in 2006.

“Our own data and analysis suggest that, while Father’s Day still brings in less revenue than Mother’s Day, it’s gaining traction with consumers,” says Ivy Shtereva, director of marketing at Yes Lifecycle Marketing.

So what’s big on the list for Father’s Day this year? (NRF)
Greeting Cards: 64.5%
Special Outing: 47%
Clothing: 43%
Gift Cards/Certificates: 41%
Books or CDs: 23%
Electronics/Computer Related Accessories: 20%
Personal Care: 18%
Sporting/Leisure Items: 16%
Tools or Appliances: 16%
Home Improvement/Gardening: 15.5%
Automotive Accessories: 15%
Other: 17%

Check out some of the latest trends for dads from AmericasMart’s own floors below.

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The Global Lens – Materials and Surface Design

By Patti Carpenter, AmericasMart Global Trend Ambassador

Patti CarpenterProducts draw me in. Each exerts a power and pull over me. This innate power is one of the ways I determine the quality of the things I am regarding. I enjoy touching and engaging with all manner of products. I often have to restrain myself, even in galleries and museums from reaching out to touch that powerful energy. Perhaps this strong instinct comes from my years in product development, so with this caveat, let’s now focus on the concepts and trends influencing the categories of materials, print, pattern and surface design.

As members of the global community we grasp the importance of our collective impact as we focus on our connectedness to the earth and to each other. This focus means that round forms and circular inspirations bubble to the fore and figure prominently for the season, showing themselves as dots, circles and perforations. We honor the ability and artistry applied to the fragile quality of fine porcelain. We see ourselves reflected in the high shine and polished surfaces of metals mirroring carefree times gone by, and maybe even, dare I say it, those decadent disco days!

Exaggerations in texture, in conjunction with interesting and intricate tactile compositions, create new constructions and fabrications. These new materials embody our desire to interface and beckon us to engage with products in a more intimate way. The artisans’ hands or the creative use of technology inspires me, and I want to reach out and touch or be touched by supple, structured surfaces.

Here are some teasing touches calling for my caress this season.

Materials: Whether touched by the hands of master craftspeople or forged by technology, the newest textiles and substrates encourage a new kind of product interaction.

  • Textures – Structured, substantial surfaces engage us to touch, as they are tactile and  tangibleTactile Textures
  • Metallics – Gold, Silver and newest Copper or Rose Gold, mine these metals, retro and reflective, and cast them in major rolesGolden MomentsSilver ShinesCoper Tones
  • Porcelain – Fine, fragile and white by design, the delicacy and artistry spark new interest in this age-old mediumPrecious Porcelain

Print/Pattern/Surface Design: Surface design exploration creates a contemporary visual
conversation and offers up engaging new intricacies and aesthetics

  • Small Graphic Geos and Repeats – small-scale prints and jacquards are big on styleTip The Scale
  • Perforations, Circles and Dots – the circle is the shape of the season, punched, printed or woven Circle Back
  • Organic Edging – whether created by the hand of the artist, skilled technical craftsmanship, or the whim of nature, each is uniqueOrganic Rims

Till the next time, let’s continue the creative conversation and let me know what’s touching you.


See these trends and more at the Atlanta Spring Gift, Home Furnishings & Holiday Market®, March 2-4, 2016.


Tuft Stuff All Over Market

Sometimes the classic looks in home furnishings are the most relevant. Showrooms across the July 2015 Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market Home category prominently feature tufting in a wide array of fabrics and styles.

Englishman's     Taylor Burke Home      Taylor Burke Home 2

Certainly not a new technique, tufting finds renewed emphasis by combining it with creative new accents such as wood and metal. It’s also featured in a broad range of materials from velvet to linen to leather.

Design Legacy     Oly Studio     Cyan

Pieces are contemporary without being stark and others are traditional without reverting back to the same old looks. Added touches such as crystal and metal buttons further emphasize the added texture of the finish.

Classic Home     Taylor Burke Home 2     Pasha


Tufting creates visual interest and adds texture in a wealth of styles and options. Find a wide variety of products at each Market and in between at showrooms Open Daily.