Textile Terms You Should Know

Natalie Scott of Outdura held a great presentation yesterday on outdoor fabrics. Here are a  few textile terms Scott discussed.

  • Weave: The method or process of interlacing two yarns so that they cross each other at right angles to produce woven fabric.
  • Warp: The set of yarn elements running lengthwise on a loom and in woven fabrics on the bolt. It is in place before the filling yarns are woven over and under it. Individual warp yarns are called ends.
  • Fill: The set of yarn elements in a woven fabric that run horizontally or from selvage to selvage, crossing and interlacing with the warp. Individual filling yarns are called picks.
  • Stria: A stripe that changes subtly in color and/or texture throughout the fabric usually creating an all-over effect. Light/Medium/Dark strands are rotated to make stria patterns.
  • Plain Weave: One of three basic weaves, in which a filling yarn crosses over a warp yarn and the under the next warp yarn. Each row alternates the “over” and “under” warp yarns.
  • Picks: Individual yarns that run horizontally to form the filling.
  • Pick Count: Number of picks per inch in a fabric.
  • SDA: Solution Dyed Acrylic—Acrylic fiber in which the coloring pigment is introduced into the spinning solution.
  • Jacquard: A system of weaving which, because of a pattern making mechanism of great versatility, permits the production of complicated patterns and weaves.
  • Dobby: A system of weaving, on a dobby loom, consisting of a simple structure.
  • DWR: Durable Water Resistance- special finish applied after weaving on Outdura fabrics which enhance water resistant and stain resistant features.
  • Selvage: A narrow woven edge portion of fabric parallel to the warp.
  • Width: Term used to determine measurement of finished fabric; the distance from selvage to selvage (47”, 54”, 60”, 99”, 108”).
  • Up the Roll: Term for the direction of a fabric- between selvage, the pattern goes up the goods.
  • Railroaded: Term for the direction of a fabric- between selvage, the pattern goes across the goods.

Outdura fabrics

June is All About Color!

AmericasMart is offering TWO great seminars during Market Wednesday on June 1, 2011.

In Living Color
Color expert Rebecca Ewing of the Color Marketing Group will show you how color unconsciously affects feeling, behavior and physiology. Learn to use these predictable and universal color responses to attract, inspire and compel customers and clients.
This seminar is worth .2 CEU credits.
TIME: 9:30 – 11:30 a.m.
LOCATION: Home Furnishings Center, Building 1, Floor 14 Seminar Room
Coffee and muffins will be served. 

bmcolorBenjamin Moore Color Pulse
Join Randy Smith of Benjamin Moore as he presents the upcoming color trends for interiors and exteriors.
TIME: 1 – 2 p.m.
LOCATION: Living. Outdoor/Indoor.® The Gardens.®, Building 2 WestWing, Floor 10 Seminar Room
Coffee will be served.


Seating is limited. For more information and to RSVP, contact:
Meagan Maron: 404.220.2104 or mmaron@americasmart.com 

And while you’re here…
Refresh, Renew and Reenergize your store or client’s home with the latest in home furnishings, gift, gardens and more when you shop Market Wednesday in Buildings 1, 2 and 2 WestWing.

AmericasMart January Gardens Market Continues to Grow

IMG_9000[1]With the debut of seven new companies on floors 9 and 10 in Building 2 WestWing, AmericasMart’s Living. Outdoor/Indoor. The Gardens product mix will grow by almost 4,000 sq. ft. These new companies will be joining more than 130 exhibitors—many of which will be launching new product during the January 2011 Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market. Leading this charge is the newly reappointed executive director of leasing, Jill Ford, who reassumes this position after returning to AmericasMart.

New to AmericasMart and establishing a permanent home in Living. Outdoor/Indoor. The Gardens are

  • Stone Age Creations, 9A13
  • Jackson Pottery, 9A34
  • Homespice Décor, 9C103
  • SS Sarna, 10A11
  • Spruce, 10A120
  • Hansen Corporation, 10B56
  • Giftwares Company, 10B59

Highlighting Living. Outdoor/Indoor. The Gardens at Market is a special Gardens Party hosted by Jamie Durie, host of HGTV’s The Outdoor Room. Durie, one of Australia’s leading Landscape Designers and most recognizable talents made famous in the United States by making regular appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show, will speak about the latest and greatest in outdoor room décor trends.  A meet-and-greet, cocktail party and book signing will follow. The event takes place on Friday, January 14, 4:00-6:30 p.m. on floors 9 and 10 in B2WW.generalgardens

Also making its debut this January is the newly created Birding & Backyard Nature, showcasing bird feeders, bird houses, bird seed, bird baths, birding and nature books, optics, hardware, birding software, bird-themed giftware, note cards, magnets, bookmarks, butterfly houses, bat houses, wildlife art, bird-themed jewelry and decorative accessories, recycled nature products, water garden supplies and décor. All three temporary categories are strategically located on floor 3 in B2WW, just a few floors down from the permanent center.

Visit AmericasMart this January and discover new exhibitors and new categories. To learn more about the January 2011 Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishing Market, click here. To read the entire release, click here.

Heating Up the Outdoor Market

Looking to put some sizzle into spring and summer sales? Take a good look at outdoor furniture and accessories. In an up-and-down market, this segment continues to

Wanda Technology

prosper as consumers opt for home improvements over home sales. According to a March 2010 survey by the American Society of Landscape Architects, 95.6 percent continue to be interested in seating/dining areas. Weatherized outdoor furniture garnered the interest of 77.1 percent, while outdoor lighting registered with 93.4 percent.

No surprises there. As people spend more time at home both as families and entertaining friends, they are willing to purchase items to make their outdoor space more

Southern Classics

Summer Classics

comfortable – if they perceive good value and high quality.

Some of the hottest trends for this season bring the luxuries of the indoors to the patio or garden. With the plethora of products available, there’s no need to sacrifice comfort for style – the backyard can be both beautiful and functional.

Floors 9 and 10 of Living. Outdoor/Indoor. The Gardens. have a great selection of products for stylish and relaxing outdoor living. From serving carts to decadent umbrellas with Mp3 docks, you can make sure your customer is the host of the hottest/coolest parties in town with these great outdoor accessories.

Campo di Fiori

For more information , call 404-20-2030 or see any showroom

Achla Designs

manager on Floors 9 and 10 of Building 2 WestWing.

Hot, Hot, Hot for January 2010

With more than 6 million square feet of exhibit space and thousands of permanent and temporary Haloexhibitors, options abound at AmericasMart Atlanta. Always at the foreftont of the home and gift industries, here are few concepts for your “must” list for January 2010 shopping:

Techie Gifts – Look for fun, innovative accessories that work with all the technology in our everyday lives.

JonesGet Personal – Look for custom options that go beyond basic monogramming, especially for holidaydecor and decorating in general.

All About the Kids – Kids are on the go with parents; look for products to ease the way.esschert2

Veggie Tales – Images of fruits and vegetables are fun and comfortable.

Peace Baby – The Woodstock Anniversary inspired an array of products for all generations.

Romantic Notions – Spring also brings a return to soft, romantic looks in both fashion and home products.

Multi-purpose – Across generations and demographics, consumers want multi-functional housewares that are ergonomic, well-designed and useful.

AubreyBright Ideas – Intense, bold, high-def colors mimic HDTV in our everyday lives. Look for interpretations from tabletop to home accents.

This is a small sliver of the possibilities available to meet – and exceed – the needs of your customers. Each concept can be interpreted through a range of price points and merchandise styles. Be creative and use ideas as a guideline to selecting the products your customers will buy and enjoy – so they’ll keep coming back to you as their primary resource.

Here’s the Buzz in Gardens for January

gardensfountainrLooking for innovative designs and dynamic new products? for everything from casual furniture to accessories that work both inside and out, check out an unparalleled selection. Living. Outdoor/Indoor.® The Gardens.® has several new showrooms brimming with fresh merchandise ready for the picking!
Put these showrooms on your list for the January 2010 Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market along with many others:

Building 2 WestWing, Floor 9

  • Arts Exotiques located at 9-A-37, creates colorful ceramic accent tiles and panels. http://www.artsexotiques.com/
  • Chive, Inc. 9-A-32, has elegant vases for every occasion. http://www.chive.ca/
  • Hansen Corporation 9-A-07, offers stylish cast aluminum patio furniture.
  • Two Dogs Designs 9-A-33, fashions vibrant covers for outdoor furniture and other patio accessories. http://www.twodogsdesigns.com/

Building 2 WestWing, Floor 10

Remember to check out several special events during Market including a book signing and presentations on The Perfect Garden Party and  Outdoor Wedding Receptions by decorator and author John Grady Burns. Click for more info.

Napa Home & Garden FireLites Spark Interest

Napa Home & Garden is well known for its distinctive décor and designs.  The company’s latest firelite1creations, Napa FireLites, are sure to light up any tabletop indoors or out.

Napa’s glazed pottery FireLites are available in more than 27 shapes, sizes and colors with more  in the works for the upcoming January Market. Each FireLite holds a metal reservoir to contain the fuel gel and comes with a metal snuffer for quickly extinguishing the flame.

The FireLites can be used to set the mood or keep insects at bay, firelite2depending on the fuel gel. Napa also offers a smokeless, pourable gel with or without citronella in a 30-ounce bottle.

See Napa’s newest star in the Building 2 WestWing, Floor 10 showroom.

For more information, please call 404-220-2030 or see any showroom manager on the Living. Outdoor/Indoor.® The Gardens. ® floors.

*Please note The Gardens floors will be closed on Tuesday, November 17, 2009, but will re-open at 10 a.m. the following day.