5 Tips for Incorporating Resort into Your Product Mix

By Christina O’Flaherty

From a glowing sunset to crashing waves, Resort wear captures the essence and experience of unforgettable travel getaways.

“Every buyer in a boutique is looking for uniqueness and Resort wear in general is the most unique category out there,” says Molly Peterson, brand manager for Walker & Wade. “It’s really open to interpretation and that can bring a lot of life to the floor even if you just incorporate pops onto your floor all year round. It adds that sparkle and freshness that buyers love and that boutiques pride themselves on.”

AmericasMart Atlanta

All For Color

Next week at Atlanta Apparel, Thursday, October 6 – Monday, October 10, you can see the top Resort lines in person and source from their newest inspirations.

“Our latest collection ‘Welcome to the Tropics’ was inspired by our love for warm weather travel,” says Alexandra Chauss, vice president sales & marketing for All For Color. “We wanted to combine the colors and excitement that one would experience when traveling to exotic tropical destinations. This inspiration led us to incorporate a wide range of color into our collection; you will see everything from ocean blue to citrus lime. We took a lot of inspiration from lush tropical landscapes and perfect summer sunsets. We want the customer to be able to get the feel of the ultimate vacay every day.”

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Product inspiration for DEI’s Sea Life Collection came from the coastal community of Cape Cod, MA, explains Marketing Coordinator for DEI, Melissa Ellis. “Surrounded by some of the best beaches in the U.S., Cape Cod is a popular vacation destination. We are inspired by summers spent at local beaches. The creative design team often utilizes the beautiful scenery for onsite catalog photography.”

In addition to their inspirations, we asked representatives from four leading lines to share the inside scoop on their top tips for how you can include Resort in your inventory for added success this season.

1. Tell a story with a vignette.
“Make a dedicated section for Resort styles in the store and tell a story to the customer. Since Resort falls during a time when the weather is still cold, it’s important to show the customer what these pieces are meant for; warm weather escapes,” explains Alexandra Chauss of All For Color. “Create a vignette with complimentary styles and accessories to get the customer in the mood to shop for their upcoming vacation.”

2. Diversify your style selection with versatile pieces: tunics, dresses, shorts, etc.

Atlanta Apparel

Walker & Wade

“Resort apparel should be loose fitting and comfortable. Versatility is very important. Kaftans are great for a day at the beach and can be paired with pants for evening attire. Sunglass readers and sarongs are a great extension of Resort apparel,” says Melissa Ellis of DEI.

“Our mantra is beach to table. Our looks take you from day to night—throughout your day and then have you looking completely chic for any evening or event,” says Molly Peterson of Walker & Wade. “It doesn’t have to be put in just a Resort wear box. You can merchandise it with your denim, your white tanks, or throw a jean jacket over a top. A lot of things can be worn as dresses or as tunics.”

3. Don’t forget shoes and accessories to appeal to a greater audience.
“Women have an average of 10 handbags and 40 pairs of shoes in their closet,” says Stephanie A. Wolf of Jack Rogers. “Have you ever heard a woman say, ‘I have too many shoes, handbags and jewelry’? Never! It’s the trifecta to completing a great outfit. Many times a woman just needs to freshen up her Resort clothing and new accessories do the trick. It makes her feel like a million bucks!”

4. Consider which Resort locations are nearby and select inventory to match your area’s aesthetic.
“Bright colors, pineapples and palm leaves do well in the South. Seashells and sea creatures are popular on all coasts. Nautical ropes and anchors are a staple in any lake or ocean region,” says Melissa Ellis of DEI. Keep in mind that other countries have different vibes too. For instance, Bermuda is preppy while Jamaica is more relaxed.

5. Stock quality items but stay on trend.
“We see women loving quality and paying for it as long as they can wear them with many styles and to many occasions,” says Stephanie A. Wolf of Jack Rogers. “We are seeing a large uptrend for boho and it is crossing over into many brands and style categories. In the coming years it will influence the design of clothing, handbags, shoes and jewelry. Coupled with the more casual work and lifestyles of millennials, this boho chic look is more and more mainstream.”

Join us for October Atlanta Apparel to see these Resort lines and many, many more. Visit AmericasMart.com/Apparel for more information and to register today.

For more information: All For Color – 772.219.7584, allforcolorwholesale.com; DEI – 800.430.5665, denniseast.com; Walker & Wade – 917.882.1459 walkerandwade.com;
Jack Rogers – jackrogersusa.com.

Images courtesy of All For Color, DEI and Walker & Wade.

More Father’s Day Spending Predicted

By Christina O’Flaherty

Reservations to favorite dinner spots like JP Atlanta are filling up and the wrapping paper is at the ready: this year, dads are getting more expensive gifts than ever before.

The National Retail Federation’s annual Father’s Day survey predicts Americans will spend a collective $14.3 billion—that’s an average of $126 per gift giver. While not as high as Mother’s Day ($21.4 billion), it’s $5.3 billion more than consumers spent on dad just ten years ago in 2006.

“Our own data and analysis suggest that, while Father’s Day still brings in less revenue than Mother’s Day, it’s gaining traction with consumers,” says Ivy Shtereva, director of marketing at Yes Lifecycle Marketing.

So what’s big on the list for Father’s Day this year? (NRF)
Greeting Cards: 64.5%
Special Outing: 47%
Clothing: 43%
Gift Cards/Certificates: 41%
Books or CDs: 23%
Electronics/Computer Related Accessories: 20%
Personal Care: 18%
Sporting/Leisure Items: 16%
Tools or Appliances: 16%
Home Improvement/Gardening: 15.5%
Automotive Accessories: 15%
Other: 17%

Check out some of the latest trends for dads from AmericasMart’s own floors below.

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The Daily Strut Sponsored by Esley Collection

By Briar Davis

During the June Atlanta Apparel, The Daily Strut sponsored by Esley Collection showcased a vibrant young contemporary collection of pieces that were perfect for any occasion. The collection included classic silhouettes, a bold use of patterns, feminine flair and other timely trends. Watch for the up and coming looks this season: denim, fringe, lace and more.

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The Daily Strut Sponsored By Gracia Fashion

By Briar Davis

Gracia Fashion sponsored one of The Daily Strut shows during the June Atlanta Apparel Market. The line showcased a timeless assortment of fashions in black and white along with a slew of fun pieces mixing solid color statements and brightly patterned styles. Be on the lookout for tiered ruffles, touches of lace and playful prints this season.

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Mother’s Day: Third Largest Holiday for Consumer Spending

By Christina O’Flaherty

When it comes to showing mom we love her, families choose many forms of affection. From flowers, greeting cards and jewelry to housewares, electronics and special events, there are countless ways of giving thanks—and most consumers are doing it with their wallets.

Eighty-four percent of Americans said they planned on celebrating Mother’s Day, with a whopping average of $172 being spent individually per mom, according to the National Retail Federation’s 2016 Mother’s Day annual survey. Total spending is expected to reach $21.4 billion.

“It’s clear that Americans want to honor their mothers this Mother’s Day,” NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said. “Whether it’s a special meal at her favorite restaurant, jewelry or a new smartphone, families are planning to indulge mom again this year.”

After winter holidays and back to school buying, Mother’s Day is the next largest holiday when it comes to consumer spending. Knowing the trends for Mother’s Day can help retailers and manufacturers prepare for this year’s potentially large sales window.

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What Americans Plan to Gift on Mother’s Day 2016 (NRF)
Greeting Cards – 78%
Flowers – 66.5%
Special Outing – 55%
Gift Cards – 43%
Clothing – 35%
Jewelry – 35%
Personal Service – 22.5%
Books or CDs – 19.5%
Housewares/ Gardening Tools – 19%
Electronics/ Computer Related Accessories – 14%
Other – 24%

But what does mom say she really desires for her special day? MediaPost Engage:Moms asked more than 500 moms with children under the age of 18 to choose from a list of 15 popular Mother’s Day gift ideas. The greatest number of respondents—20 percent of moms—preferred handmade gifts, followed by a day off (12 percent). Lowest on the list: candy, jewelry and breakfast in bed.

No matter what mom gets this year, chances are, consumers will be buying it. Are you primed to capture their sales? If you haven’t already, consider adding some popular categories—like greeting cards and gift cards—to help attract their attention.

Have some last-minute shopping to do for mom? Head to The Atlanta Spring Immediate Delivery Show® Tuesday, May 3 – Thursday, May 5 at AmericasMart.

Fall ’16 Trends from April Atlanta Apparel

Fashion’s ever changing trends keep the industry fresh and exciting. During last week’s Atlanta Apparel Market, our fashion intern team scouted the designer showrooms for key trends emerging for fall. Here’s a roundup of what you’ll be seeing soon at retail stores nationwide.

MINIMALISM Clean lines, oversized and masculine silhouettes combine with relaxed tailoring and long line layering.

PLAID Large and miniature variations are influenced by classic menswear, but with a modern twist.

GYPSY NOMAD Folkloric details create an upscale hippy look, including patchwork, fringe and layers. Fur and shearling add texture.

WINTER FLORALS Serious, yet ladylike take on the classic floral motif with vintage-inspired dark florals and multi-scale prints.

WILD SKIN Animal skins and prints return in all shades on trim, panels and all-over applications. Look for them to make huge statements in outerwear.

GLITZ & GLAM Sequins add sparkle to both evening and day wear, while velvet makes an appearance in full-length designs. Miniskirts rule and leather accents add edge.

BLACK & WHITE STATEMENTS These two colors combine to create an optical-style illusion with geometric, linear stripes, and graphic prints.

DARK ROMANCE A strong gothic aesthetic – think black-on-black lace, velvet, pleats and sheer overlays – complemented with rich berry tones.


Iris van Herpen: Transforming Fashion

AmericasMart is proud to be a contributing sponsor of “Iris van Herpen: Transforming Fashion,” at Atlanta’s High Museum of Art. This special exhibition is the museum’s first foray into fashion and van Herpen’s premiere solo exhibit in the U.S.

Born in 1984, van Herpen produced her initial fashion collection in 2007 and continually pushes boundaries with her artistic creations. In less than a decade, van Herpen has had a marked impact on the fashion industry — even being the first to feature a 3D-printed garment on a runway. The exhibition features 45 pieces, from 15 of the designer’s couture collections, which are displayed chronologically from 2008 to 2015. Visitors to the exhibition have an opportunity to get an up-close view of van Herpen’s expert blending of innovative materials and techniques with traditional craftsmanship to make each extraordinary piece.

“Often all these things are really seen in the opposite way; for example, a 3-D printed garment can look like a handmade lace dress, and a very futuristic dress can be completely handmade. I often play with these stereotypes that people have in mind about craftsmanship and technology. I think as a designer or as an artist, if you have full control over your material or your technique, you can go anywhere, and that’s what I’m really trying to research within my work. I’m really trying to strip down these prefabricated ideas people have about technology and craftsmanship and materials,” van Herpen explained to Steff Yotka for a Vogue.com article posted November 6, 2015.

“Iris van Herpen: Transforming Fashion” runs through May 15, 2016. The High Museum of Art is located at 1280 Peachtree Street NE and is open Tuesday through Sunday. To learn more and purchase tickets to this exhibition visit: https://www.high.org/Art/Exhibitions/Iris-van-Herpen.