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Pearl Glam

A fresh perspective on a classic accessory
By Poormina Apte

Accessory Drawer

Accessory Drawer

You can credit Chanel or Jason Wu. Or Downton Abbey. Whatever the reason, pearls are enjoying a renewed interest and dominating lookbooks and fashion runways. But these aren’t your grandmother’s staid single strands. Mixed with a variety of other jewels and worked onto unexpected canvases such as leather and metals, pearls are being reimagined for the contemporary woman.

While this is good news for fashionistas everywhere, the expansive variety of pearls means retailers need to know what to look for and how to tell real from faux, with both having favor. We dive into the basics.

The Basics
Naturally occurring pearls are increasingly rare. Most of those on the market are cultured pearls, derived when farmers artificially introduce irritants into oysters and mollusks. Cultured pearls are further subdivided by the types of waters in which they sourced: saltwater or the more common freshwater. Pearls also are classified by the regions in which they are cultured. Examples include Akoya pearls from Japan; South Sea grown in large saltwater tropical oysters; and Tahitian pearls.

Then there are glass beads that are polished and coated to look like pearls. This thin coating eventually wears off so retailers are advised to source their pearls from reputable vendors. The Cultured Pearl Association of America recommends sliding the strand across your mouth as a test, fake pearls glide while the real ones are gritty from the nacre or the irritant around which the pearl forms.

The Criteria

Kinzig Design Home

Kinzig Design Home

Traditionally, best pearls are perfectly round, have a high lustre and are free of imperfections. Of various factors used to evaluate pearls, lustre is the most important according to Susie Kinzig of Kinzig Design who has ventured into creating jewelry.

Other criteria include surface, shape, size and color. While freshwater pearls often come in irregular forms, they are creatively worked into creative designs and offer a fresh spin, says Kinzig, who works pearls into industrial romantic kinds of designs for an updated contemporary touch.

The Updates
Celebrity stylist and jewelry expert Michael O’Connor, cites an interest in past eras (Mad Men, anybody?) as driving pearl demand, which in turn translates into vintage inspirations on the runways an in top fashion houses. But today’s look is more “in-your-face” he says.

Girl With A Pearl

Girl With A Pearl

Girl With A Pearl’s Bohemian line work pearls into leather and suede for looks that can be dressed up or down. Pearl blogger India Rows says chainmail styles with pearls are another look retailers should look for when searching for new products.

For example, Deniz Zizzi of Accessory Drawer sees designers such as Beth Greenberg mixing pearls with sterling silver chains.

“We think the pearl is the perfect touch to our handmade jewelry, taking something vintage and turning it into something new and fresh,” says Laurel George of The Vintage Pearl.

These fresh perspectives make pearls more attractive to women who used to dismiss them strictly as old-fashioned jewelry. And while pearls can be expensive, pieces with single pearls or freshwater options worked into leather lariats or sterling silver can be surprisingly affordable as well as fashionable.

“Women wear pearls with T-shirts, flowy blouses and cocktail dresses from brunch and work to an evening event,” Zizzi says, “Nowadays pearls are an everyday basic that fit effortlessly in the jewelry closet.”

For more information: Accessory Drawer – accessorydrawer.com, 888.209.8432; Girl With a Pearl – girlwithapearl.com, 615.767.1972; India Rows – 706.850.5296; Kinzig Design – kinzigdesign.com, 650.952.6006; Michael O’Connor – styleandsubstance.com; The Vintage Pearl – 918.935.3254; thevintagepearl.com

Images courtesy of Accessory Drawer, Girl With A Pearl, Kinzig Desig and The Vintage Pearl

All Caps

Hats are more top of mind than ever
By Poormina Apte

What’s the go-to, sizzling hot, must-have accessory these days? The answer: Hats. On fashion catwalks, in paparazzi circuits and at everyday occasions, this fashion statement is making headlines — and turning heads.

What’s more, a striking confluence of pop culture trends and influencers — from Coachella and Boho Chic to Downton Abbey and even Princess Kate Middleton — means a sumptuous array of bold or demure styles to satisfy even the most discerning fashionistas.

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Top of the line
Sure, you would like to stock hats but the options are endless: wide-brim, narrow-brim, fedora, cloche, and materials from raffia to suede. Where to begin and how do you know what your customers will like? First rule of thumb: listen to your rep and buy best sellers, advises John Callanan, senior designer and corporate sales at Dorfman Pacific. “Keep away from overpriced, crazy hats until you get a better feel for what you can sell,” he says. Callanan reminds retailers that the sales window on seasonal hats is very short so it’s a better idea to start by sticking with seasonless offerings.

Dolores Page, marketing manager at San Diego Hat Company points out that wide-brim hats that offer sun protection are staples. In fashion, “wide-brim wool felts and fashion fedoras are driving business,” she says.

Start with tonal colors, advises Christy Currie, regional sales manager at Helen Kaminski. “Go with basic colors, medium-sized brim, maybe a classic fedora,” she says, adding that the company’s rollable hats that are easy to pack give customers another reason to buy.

Hat tricks
Not much room to stock hats? Not a problem. “Use the hats to pull looks together in your display window,” suggests Callanan. Along similar lines, Currie recommends creating a head-to-toe statement by throwing some matching jewelry and a beautiful scarf.

Most vendors provide hat stands that don’t take up too much room. Having three hat stands at different heights adds a touch of drama and dimension to the display without subtracting too much floor space, Currie explains.

“Always make sure the hat rack is next to a mirror,” Callanan advises, “the first thing a customer does after putting on a hat is look for a mirror.”

Soaring sales
To have hats sell like hotcakes, wear one yourself and have fun with it. “Never, never sell a hat that does not suit the wearer,” Callanan says, “learn to guide your customer to a complimentary hat style.” Other recommendations: host a Derby wine and cheese night or have an Easter bonnet event.

Some trends to keep an eye on as per Callanan: broad brim fedoras aka panamas. Knit safaris. Knit beanies with fur boggles for winter. The bottom line is whether made from raffia or wool felt, a narrow or wide brim, hats are an accessory that’s hard to top and even better, they offer protection from the elements.

As Currie says: “hats make a high-impact fashion statement. Customers are beginning to realize that putting on a hat just automatically elevates your wardrobe.”

For more information: Dorfman Pacific – dorfman-pacific.com, 800.367.3626; Helen Kaminski – helenkaminski.com, 212.398.3434; San Diego Hat Company – sandiegohat.com, 888.868.0588.

Images courtesy of Dorfman Pacific, San Diego Hat Company and Helen Kaminski.

Bling it On!

By Poorima Apte

Sparkle sells. Even better, the endless variety of jewelry options out there — from Swarovski to synthetics — is malleable enough for practically every budget and every taste. For retailers, it’s a sure-fire way to ring up sales.

Bauble Basics

Designs by Liza Kim

Designs by Liza Kim

For true sparkle connoisseurs, Swarovski crystals make the cut. Jewelry designer Lorren Bell of Deluxe by Lorren Bell, says the quality is assured and that the crystals can be incorporated into both high-end, timeless pieces and everyday fashions. Also look for glass crystals, semi-precious stones and synthetic cabochons, says Rose Fritch, lead jewelry designer at Sorrelli, who adds that the possibilities with a large set of materials in various colors are endless. Liza Kim of Designs by Liza Kim says cubic zirconia is another popular option for sparkle and the array of colors can work to accommodate a variety of styles and base materials.

Heavy Metal
All that dazzle needs a firm base on which to rest and a variety of metals, some coated to look like the real thing (think gold and silver), do just that. Popular materials include copper since its malleability makes it easy to shape; it’s usually resistant to corrosion; and it develops a green patina, which is desirable depending on the artist’s design. Edgard Nieves at Sassy South Jewelry says rhodium is another popular metal base.



Trendy and Timeless
Exactly what styles are trending? The word across the board: tassels. Fritch suggests using chains and cords together and mixing colors and metal together. The classics — hoop earrings, stacked bracelets, rings — are always in fashion. Just look for updated versions with a twist.

For more information: Designs by Liza Kim, designsbylizakim.com, 866.673.4844; Lorren Bell: Deluxe by Lorren Bell, lorrenbell.com, 214.651.0110; Sassy South Jewelry, sassysouth.com, 404.586.0045; Sorrelli, sorrelli.com, 877.659.4374.

Images courtesy of Designs by Liza Kim and Sorrelli.

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Fall 2015 Trends and More with Larry Lucas

Larry Lucas has been a familiar face on the AmericasMart campus since the 1970s. Lucas recently retired from his eponymous showroom, Larry Lucas, Inc. after nearly 40 years. Prior to his wholesale career, Lucas owned a successful 10,000-square-foot gift and floral shop in Sandy Springs, Ga.  He will periodically share his expertise with us on the AmericasMart blog.

Although the fall brings cold weather, there are always so many great things to look forward to during the season. New fashion trends, college football, the holidays and so much more. Throughout the Atlanta Apparel Market at AmericasMart, we have the chance to see exciting fall trends before anyone else. Throughout this blog post, you will find trends to look forward to for the Fall 2015 season, as well as helpful tips to incorporate in your retail store.

Mellow Yellow

This fall, yellow will make a strong comeback in many different styles. We’re already AWH_PHOTO-8632beginning to see it debuting in shops around town, on the Instagram accounts of popular bloggers, and used by leading designers in new collections. We will see a rich, sunflower yellow, deeper in tone than the daisy yellow of spring.

When it comes to choosing which yellow items would best complement your existing wardrobe, turn to your favorite fashion bloggers or Pinterest account for suggestions. We’ve seen the trend add a pop of color in just about every style or shape, including dresses, skirts, pants, shoes and bags.

We may be kissing summer goodbye at the end of August, but prepare your closets to take a little inspiration from the sun this fall. Pair your yellow pieces with a rich brown, gray, black or orange to channel more of a fall look, resembling the leaves at the end of the summer.

Accessories – Not Just an Impulse Buy

Not only will yellow be making a statement this fall, but so will those easy and affordable add-on accessories that you just can’t seem to stay away from while you’re out shopping. Think along the lines of scarves, hats and jewelry. We’ve seen hats make a huge fashion statement over the last few years, and we are thrilled to see them sticking around.

AWH_PHOTO-0168Trendy accessories continue as a growing factor this fall, including new and old pieces. They can easily add to any woman’s personality and complement any look, depending on her style of choice. They have the advantage of being an affordable item that customers can easily pick up during a shopping trip.

Accessories should be an integral part of a retail business. There are different styles with a variety of quality to choose from, depending on the direction of your store. Select accessories that complement the apparel you’ll be selling for the season.

Show Your Spirit

In addition to bright colors and trendy accessories, collegiate items of state schools remain in the spotlight. Each fall, these items make their way back in some new form orAWH_PHOTO-9476 fashion. During the June Atlanta Apparel Market, collegiate T-shirts and stylish Game Day collections made appearances throughout showrooms and during the Daily Struts.

Shortly following football season, Christmas will be here before we know it, with all of its festive holiday fashion. During the holidays, it’s important to let your customers know what options your store has for gifting. Try showcasing your smaller items near the check-out area, or create a small gifting display. Your customers will appreciate that everything is in one spot, and they can easily find what they are looking for.

What trends are you most looking forward to for Fall 2015?

The next Atlanta Apparel Market will take place Thursday, August 6 – Monday, August 10, 2015.

Get to know the latest Accessories Council exhibitors!

The Accessories Council is a not-for-profit, national trade organization that works to build consumer awareness and higher demand in the fashion accessory industry.  It returns to the June Atlanta Apparel Market bringing some of the industry’s most fashion-forward and unique accessory lines along with them, all of which are showing in Atlanta for the first time.  These six designers and brand names  have been selected by The Accessories Council to show at the June Atlanta Apparel Market.  

About Deondra Jeree:

Deondra MorrisClass.  Sophistication.  Style.  Glamour.  These are the words that come to mind when describing Deondra Jeree’s luxury contemporary handbags.  When everyday life can feel like all we care about is consumption with a constant revolving door of trends, these handbags transcend the temporary to become the everlasting contemporary.  By utilizing classic colors such as gold, red, burgundy, and black and textiles such as genuine lizard skin andDeondra Jeree calfskin, these handbags will never stop being chic.

Born in a small town just outside of New Orleans, Louisiana, designer Deondra Jeree Morris fuses her southern roots with her big city savvy to create effortlessly stylish handbags.  Already featured in some of the country’s most followed fashion blogs and magazines, bloggers love it, editors love it, and we know you will love it, too.  As a millennial, Deondra Jeree is the fresh face the handbag industry needs to shake things up.  For those looking for luxury but want to think beyond Rodeo Drive and Park Avenue, this is the brand you will soon cherish.

Instagram: @_deondrajeree_

Twitter: @deondra_jeree

Facebook: @DeondraJeree


About Kemi Designs:

KemiIt all began in Australia, with its laidback, grassy beaches and quietly bohemian fashion scene. Kemi first landed there in 2009, on the heels of receiving a degree in Apparel Design from the University of Delaware and on the promise of fulfilling a fashion internship. After gleaning all she could from the tutelage of the iconic Australian designer Willow, Kemi’s wanderlust kicked in. A year of living on the beach in Bondi and venturing out to explore the Great Barrier Reef, glaciers of New Zealand and street markets of Bangkok provided all the inspiration she needed to start her own jewelry line. Now, the 27-year-old crafts one-of-a-kind pieces by hand in the Upper East Side apartment she shares with her cat, Pancakes, and two best friends. Her geometric designs reflect both the tribal lean that informs her personal style — arrows, feathers, Moroccan half-moon shapes — and her urban surroundings, like the New Kemi 3York City skyline on her popular “We Built This City” sterling silver ring. The Long Island native customizes necklaces and bracelets on request, and is currently at work putting her talents to especially good use, creating pieces like her “Love is Blind” Braille ring, which benefits the Foundation Fighting Blindness. With a raw, organic finish as her trademark, Kemi’s jewelry echos her year getting lost in a rabbit hole while finding her calling. With her customers left feeling adorned and beautiful, her jewelry is meant to decorate the body as well as the soul.

Instagram: @KemiDesigns

Twitter: @KemiDesigns

Facebook: /KemiDesignsInc


Market special: When you buy or place an order AT a show, you receive 10% off.

About Mondrina:

Monica FrisbieMondrina is a Sag Harbor, N.Y. based handbag brand founded by Monica & Matt Frisbie in 2012 while they Mondrina_tallulah_graywere living abroad in Lima, Peru. Inspired by the contrast of their two favorite seaside residences, Mondrina handbags mix luxury leathers with artisan made materials and suburb craftsmanship. Each handbag is hand cut and sewn in small batches out of luxury materials found and created.

Instagram: @Mondrina

Twitter: @Mondrina

Facebook: /BenchMadeLuxury


About Sheep Shades:

Katie McKenna Pink Sheep HeiressSheep Shades is a line of high-quality, unisex sunglasses created under the influence of rock & roll for musicians, by musicians. Handcrafted in acetate with the highest quality lenses providingSheep Shades 100% UV protection, Sheep Shades capture the essence of the respectably rebellious rocker. Sheep Shades are for dreamers, doers, festival goers, concert junkies, rock stars — and anyone who believes in the power of music.   Sheep Shades — a Pink Sheep Heiress brand.

Instagram: @SheepShades

Twitter: @SheepShades

Facebook: /sheepshadesbypsh

Tumblr: sheepshades.tumblr.com


Market Special: Free shipping and 10% discount on all orders over $500 placed during the show.

About Ragini Mittal:

Ragini MittalRagini Mittal was launched in 2012 by designers Ragini Mittal and her mother Chhaya Agarwal. Their work reflects a distinct fusion between the traditional, bright and bold, Indian Jewelry design and a western design aesthetic. Headquartered in the Northeast region of the US and in New Delhi, Ragini Mittal is able to utilize the inspirations from both geographic areas and beautifully incorporate the influences into all of her collections.Ragini 2

Ragini Mittal represents today’s feminine and fun woman, as well as, the powerful and bold modern woman through their designs. Each featured piece is handcrafted in New Delhi by local artisans. In doing so, Ragini Mittal is able to offer empowerment to young women through entrepreneurship and is able to stay well-connected to their communities.

Ragini Mittal is sold internationally and online.

Instagram: @RaginiJewels

Twitter: @RaginiJewels

Facebook: /RaginiMittalJewelry



Silvana MontoyaSilvana Montoya, Colombian entrepreneur, founder of LUXCHILAS,  the famous brand of Luxury Wayuu Mochila Bags. With a background in business, a huge passion for design and a philanthropic heart, she fulfilled her dream of empowering Wayuu Tribe women to fight poverty.Luxchilas 2

Respecting the original Wayuu geometrical patterns, her designs are inspired by  their colorful combinations and by fashion trends. She creates modern and luxurious bucket style bags with crystals and leather fringes. This embellishment is made by single moms head of their households.

Part of the proceeds from the sales goes the future of the Tribe: the children. She has been able to donate complete meals and school supplies for them.

It is time to live the LUXCHILAS Experience: Be Bold, Feel Happy, Give Back, Look Fab!

Instagram: @Luxchilas

Twitter: @Luxchilas

Facebook: /LuxchilasBags


Market Special: Receive 10% off regular wholesale price.

About PLUMA:

PLUMA photoBrendan Cannon is the Creative Director of PLUMA, a collection of chic and elegant accessories produced in Italy by some of the premier luxury artisans in the world.

Cannon grew up in New York City and was influenced by his love of music and fashion from an early age. He began his career as stylist and over the course of his career has worked with publications, such as Vogue, Vogue Germany, Vogue Brazil, Vogue Mexico, W Magazine, Vanity Fair, New York Magazine, and Niche Media publications. He has also worked with celebrities including, Diane Kruger, Angelina Jolie, Emily Blunt, Jennifer Garner, Katie Holmes, Liza Minnelli, Michael Jackson, Bradley Cooper, Matt Damon and Keanu Reeves. In addition, Cannon has been featured as style expert on networks such as E!, Style, VH1, CBS, NBC, ABC, TLC and Bravo.

In 2013 he partnered with T-Project Inc, an Italian network of producers and suppliers to create PLUMA. Drawing inspiration from his travels throughout Tuscany, Cannon’s experiences with the family owned, specialty factories there inspired him to create a collection of accessories; suites of styles are grouped according to the materials used and produced in conjunction with a factory that specializes in the relevant technique.PLUMA photo 3

“Before meeting with the manufacturers to start the design process, I explored Italy to visually ‘inhale’ the balance of color and scale, from the natural landscape to the architecture to even local street style. Italy has long been the birthplace of the most luxurious fashion brands and trends, so I wanted to pay homage to that,” he said.

Cannon’s designs reflect the multi-faceted lives and sophistication of women who covet and wear luxury accessories. The precise combinations of luxurious elements like brass with molded resin, high-grade leather, enamel, high-quality plastics and nautical rope gives an elegant sensuality, allowing the jewelry to become a wardrobe staple.

PLUMA photo 2PLUMA debuted as a capsule collection that was shown alongside designer Jason Wu’s Pre-Fall 2013 collection. The ‘Oro’ suite, collaboration between Cannon and Wu, featured the brand’s signature gold links, brass, black enamel and molded resin. PLUMA officially launched with a full collection for the Spring 2014 season. PLUMA has attracted the attention of celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Sharon Stone, Kate Beckinsale, Lily Collins, Jessica Paré and Julianne Hough, among others.

Instagram: Pluma_Italia

Twitter: Pluma_Italia

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pluma-Italia/225948977541042


You can find these brands at Atlanta Apparel, which takes place June 11-14, 2015 at AmericasMart Atlanta. Learn more at www.AmericasMart.com/Inside.

What’s Going On With Accessories? You Can’t Afford To Miss Out!

What’s more fun than updating your wardrobe and growing your sales with accessories? We can’t think of too many things! Accessories always fit! They are a great way to up a sales ticket and transform an outfit. Incorporating accessories into your mix is a smart, affordable and exciting way to keep your store fresh and create a treasure hunt for your shoppers. We are loving this season’s great handbags, colorful jewelry and fun footwear.

EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTS—There are many designers, particularly newer companies, that are willing to do small runs, unique colors or hardware with collections. It can’t hurt to ask! As you select new products, try to find things that can be special for your store or at least exclusive for your geographical area. It will give your shopper a reason to keep coming back.

REAL MEN ACCESSORIZE—There are more wonderful accessory and jewelry choices for men than ever before. Today’s man is ready and willing to up their fashion game. As you think about buying for holiday, you might want to include a few gift items.  Try Ransom Jewels for some great men’s jewelry.

TECHNOLOGY—Technology has transformed our lives and certainly the accessory world. All the tablets, phones and computers that will be gifted for the holidays will need new cases. Think about ways to grow your business with fashionable solutions to house our beloved tech. We’re currently loving Vanesa Rey’s sleek iphone cross-body cases.

Technology has infused itself into our products, too. Wearable tech items such as fit bands or smart fabrics are a fun way to refresh your assortment.

SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS PRODUCTS—Consumers are increasingly looking for meaning in what they buy. If you can find great looking product that was made with integrity, crafted close to your store or that uses environmentally friendly materials, all the better. We love items that give back in some way and so will your customers. Everyone loves a product with a story, be sure to educate and train your team so that they can convey it properly to your customers. Jewelry brand, Ragini Mittal, is a great example of a product that is both beautiful and gives back to the community.

PERSONALIZED PRODUCTS—Today’s shoppers love to have items that are especially made for them. Consider offering a mix of initials, monograms or the ability to customize products for your shoppers. Brands like John Wind Maximal Art have great charm programs and brands like Kemi Designs and Auburn Jewelry can make special jewelry pieces for your stores.

CREATIVE DISPLAYS—We love our products, but they don’t always show well without a little creativity. While walking the show, note how brands have propped and presented their items. There are many low cost ways to achieve the same results in your stores.  When accessories are displayed properly, they will sell much better! We love how VIP Unlimited uses a Rolodex to display their hair bands.

DON’T FORGET THE EYES! Good eye health is essential, so offering UV protective sunglasses or reading glasses is more important than ever. The average age of Americans is rising quickly, with the Boomer being the fastest growing market segment.  Fashionable readers are a great way to add on sales. StaysOn is a great product that mixes both fashion and function  with their sunglasses that can also be used as headbands.

Stop by and see the Accessories Council Showcase at booth #2-777, our trend presentation on Friday at 4 p.m. or my presentation on Saturday at 10 a.m. (both on 2nd floor runway.) We are happy to answer your accessory questions and show you some of our favorite brands and items!

-Karen Giberson
President, Accessories Council