Pillow Talk: Tips for Success from National Small Business Award Winner Eric and Christopher

By Adam Wisniewski

In 2012 when artists Eric Fausnacht and Christopher Kline began making canvas pillows by hand in Doylestown, PA, (about 40 miles outside Philadelphia) their basements housed the design, production and sales departments.

baby-goat_medium-pillowDuring their first six months together, Eric created the pillows’ monochromatic animal designs, while Christopher handled printing duties. After selling 1,000 pillows at regional craft fairs, the pair realized their business could scale nationally, but not from their basements.

As their eponymous company grew in sales and size, it moved production into a 7,000-square-foot facility; added tote bags, wall art and custom printing jobs to its product line; and wholesaled to customers like the L.L. Bean flagship store in Maine, The Plaza Hotel in New York City, Pine Cone Hill and the White House Historical Association. All while still making products by hand in Bucks County, PA.

The duo capped off four years of tremendous growth with the 2016 Outstanding Encore Entrepreneur Award from the national SCORE Foundation, a nonprofit network of business experts who volunteer free time and expertise to mentor small business owners.

Learning to handle that growth was one of the most important lessons Eric and Christopher took from their SCORE mentors.

“We experienced explosive growth as the business took off – 50 percent and 70 percent year-over-year,” says Christopher. “We needed to take control of it because things could have spiraled out of hand, but we learned not to be fixated on the numbers, slow down and reevaluate our positions.”

“Our mentors helped us recognize the point to invest more in equipment and people and management,” says Eric. “Christopher and I were doing everything. At some point, we had to stop doing that.”

Erpaco_chihuahua-toteic and Christopher never envisioned wholesaling would be an evolutionary force for their product line. When they first displayed at shows like The Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Market®, some buyers were reluctant to pull the trigger on a large order because they didn’t know if the company could fulfill that type of volume at its current size. But returning in following years and reconnecting allowed those relationships to bear fruit.

“Now our vendors ask us to expand our line,” says Eric, who describes new offerings like aprons, tea towels and other textiles. “And up to 30 percent of our business now is custom jobs. I didn’t foresee that. We are actually being approached to print yardage, and because we manufacture here in Pennsylvania, we may not be cheaper than their overseas manufacturers, but we can do smaller runs with quick turnaround to get them to market faster.”

What advice would the duo give their past selves about attending Market?

“We spend so much time and effort on the product that market often sneaks up on us,” says Christopher. “We need to set aside more time to prepare and really dig into the retail sales cycle.”

On a more practical level, Eric recalls driving his truck down from Pennsylvania stuffed to the brim to stock his first AmericasMart® booth. “I didn’t know about direct shipping or that AmericasMart could store our booth. We should have done that from the start and put extra effort into making our booth presentation more professional and clean.

“We love our products and respond to what our customers love about them,” says Eric. “People like the cleanliness, the simple images and the quality of construction. Cute, but not kitschy. Sophisticated – that is us.”

Congratulate Eric and Christopher in the newly integrated Home Accents, Home Furnishings, Fine Linens & Home Textiles and Rug collections in Building 1, Floor 7. ANTIQUES in Building 1, Floor 2 closes at 6 p.m. on Sunday, January 15. Temporaries in Buildings 1, 2 and 3, including Temps for The Atlanta International Area Rug Market® featuring The National Oriental Rug Show sponsored by ORIA are open through 2 p.m. on Monday, January 16.

The World of Rugs in Atlanta

How any retailer or designer can shop and sell rugs
by Alix G. Perachon

Only a few years ago, there was a sharp divide between items that are handmade and those that are machine made. Decorative carpets are generally designated as handknotted and flatwoven rugs, both antique and new, exhibiting classic oriental and European designs. Meanwhile, handtufted and machine made rug patterns were typically more limited.

Today’s buyer has an unparalleled choice of rugs at all price points ranging from traditional to contemporary and from handmade to machine made. Thanks to revolutionary technological advances in construction and materials, machine made area rugs now offer a level of artistry and durability that was a dream a decade ago. Hence the latest color and design trends are no longer reserved for the high-end boutique rug market, but are universal regardless of the carpet’s creation—handknotted, handtufted, flatwoven or machine made.

As the rug is the foundation of the room, what better time to learn the basics and shop at Market? Here are need-to-know decorative area rug facts to guide you as you explore the exciting January Market.

A Kaleidoscope of Color and Design

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Produced in a variety of handmade and machine woven constructions, these are among the most important area rug design types that you will view at Market:

1.Traditional: Patterns are inspired from age-old oriental designs in mainly traditional colors originating from regions including Persia, Turkey, and China including Sultanabad, Tabriz, Serapi and Oushak.

2. Transitional: Transitional rugs have been a leading force in the last five years concurrent with the casual, informal look popular in interior design. Often integrating classic and contemporary elements in the same piece, they are available in a virtually infinite range of styles. These are some of the looks falling under the transitional rug umbrella:

Oriental—Traditional oriental rug patterns—including Sultanabad, Tabriz, Serapi, Oushak, and Central Asian—exhibit a modern twist with a broad range of contemporary colors such as various shades of grey, cream, blue, and aubergine.

Ikat—Inspired from southeast Asian tie-dyed textiles, these boldly patterned rugs come in a variety of colors.

Vintage—These are generally 30-to-60-year-old oriental rugs whose colors are often chemically washed to create a more subdued “shabby chic” effect. There are also reproduction vintage-style rugs.

Over-dyed—These can be vintage pieces or reproductions that have been “over-dyed” in mainly vivid colors—including neon greens, oranges, purples, and electric blues. Patterns are often intentionally partly “erased” to create a distinctive offbeat look.

3. Moroccan: Ranging from the authentic handcrafted nomadic pieces from Morocco to reproductions, Moroccan-style carpets are characterized by ivory, brown, black, and multicolored backgrounds with geometric motifs including squares, oblongs and diamonds.

4. Contemporary: These rugs range from subdued monochromatics to graphic geometrics and florals. Avant-garde designs—including painterly impressionist and cubist patterns have revolutionized the area rug repertoire. The finest pieces are considered modern works of art in their own right—generally handknotted or handwoven in all-natural materials such as wool and silk—but cost a fraction of contemporary paintings. While Nepal has been at the forefront of contemporary rugs, other countries of production are now also involved.

Texture, Texture and More Texture
Texture, rather than pattern, plays a key role in determining the beauty of many contemporary carpets. Traditionally, decorative rugs were mainly either pile (e.g., handknotted, handtufted, and power-loomed) or flatwoven by hand or machine. Now an impressive array of construction techniques, often combined in the same piece, create sophisticated textural effects. For instance, “high low” rugs feature a combined pile and flatweave construction where the design is raised pile and the ground is flatwoven. Subtle textural variations are also obtained with a variety of cut and loop pile techniques.

Tonal rugs’ exquisite subtlety is achieved through techniques including the artful shading of hues, known as abrash, which creates richness and depth. Moreover, natural silk or silk-like materials (e.g., bamboo and banana silks and viscose) often accent specific areas or are blended with other materials, such as wool, to create a more lustrous effect. Additional materials used to produce textural effects include aloe, linen, and jute. Never before has there been a more exciting time to shop for decorative rugs. Now it’s your turn to discover what’s making the area rug market tick.

Vibrant New Home for Rug Temps
During The Atlanta International Area Rug Market® featuring the National Oriental Rug Show sponsored by ORIA, buyers have the opportunity to explore collections from a broad spectrum of exhibitors. In addition to the showroom offerings, the temporary exhibits have a new home on Floor 7 of Building 1. Proximity to some of the top home accents, furnishings, linens and textiles companies in the industry creates a unique synergy.

“Locating our area rug temporaries so close to our home temporaries creates a seamless buying experience. Our rug temps have long been a staple of savvy home buyers, and now they can shop and source these exhibitors even more conveniently,” says Kevin Malkiewicz, vice president of leasing for AmericasMart.

Retailers and designers can conveniently source a variety of exceptional rugs from across the globe as they shop other categories. “As the floor is often the first thing the eye notices when you enter a room, decorative rugs are a key element in interior design,” says Alix Perrachon, principal of Alix Unlimited, LLC. “Decorating has never been easier thanks to your ability to select rugs from a dazzling array of styles and price points, all conveniently located in one building at AmericasMart together with the latest in home accents, furnishings, and linens collections.”

The Atlanta International Area Rug Market® featuring the National Oriental Rug Show sponsored by ORIA runs Wednesday, January 11 – Sunday, January 15, 2017. The Temporaries are open in Building 1, Floor 7 from Thursday, January 12 –  Monday, January 16 and select showrooms on Floors 3 – 6 are open through Tuesday, January 17.

Acknowledgment: The author would like to thank Reza Momeni of Momeni, Inc. and Alex Peykar of Nourison for their invaluable information.

Alix G. Perrachon is a writer, speaker, and consultant in the rug industry to the interior design trade. She is the author of The Decorative Carpet—Fine Handmade Rugs in Contemporary Interiors published by The Monacelli Press/Random House, the only book to feature rugs from the decorative standpoint, and of countless articles on oriental and decorative weavings and antiques. An ASID CEU-certified speaker, she has lectured on decorative rugs all over the country. She was an international judge for the Carpet Design Awards in Hanover, Germany and moderated the decorative rug panel at the Architectural Digest Design Show/New York Times Design Series in 2016.

An Interior Designer’s Guide to Shopping at AmericasMart

Welcome to January Market! See Brian Patrick Flynn’s take on the top tips for interior designers shopping at AmericasMart—they’re sure to come in handy for your Market week.

More Quick Tips for Market

  • Download and use the AmericasMart app. It’s the Market must-have and a FREE buyer tool that allows you to search for exhibitors, lines, categories, events and more, navigate campus by buildings and floors, and easily access your customizable Market Plan.
  • Study the color-coded building schematic in the Atlanta Buyer’s Guide (pick one up at Registration) and match your purchase plan to the categories and floors.
  • First time to Market? Whether you are an interior designer or retail buyer, we invite you to attend one of the New Buyer Breakfast orientations with our Retail Services team for help with anything you need: Thursday, January 12 – Saturday, January 14, 2017, from 8:30 – 10:30 a.m. in the Building 3, Floor 11, Buyer’s Lounge, 11-W359.

Note: Information presented in this video is subject to change at any time. Visit AmericasMart.com for current policies, registration requirements and general information. 

Quick Bites

The Fiesta Dinnerware Demonstration Kitchen will be teeming with mouthwatering aromas, flavorful bites and divine drinks from Atlanta’s top chefs and mixologists at January Market beginning tomorrow.

See what our roster of culinary experts have to say as we get up close and personal and make sure to add their events to your Market Plan.

Wednesday, January 11  |  Noon
Coastal Appetizers
Presented by Chef Amanda Egidio of Big Green Egg Culinary Center

Amanda Egidio


Chef Amanda Egidio

Favorite Atlanta restaurant/bar other than your own?
Houston’s, Venkman’s.

What dish/drink or three words best sums up Atlanta’s food scene?
Farm to table.

Top cooking tip?
Cook with love, enjoy the journey.

Favorite ingredient, food, dish or cocktail?


What’s your can’t-live-without-it cooking tool?
Pitt Mitts for my Big Green Egg.

What food trend/ingredient do you see on the horizon?
Grilling/wood fire authentic cooking.

Thursday, January 12  |  Noon
Cajun Creations & Cocktails
Presented by Chef Cooper Miller of Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall and Mixologist Stephanie Marville of Venkman’s

Cooper Miller


Chef Cooper Miller

Favorite Atlanta restaurant/bar other than your own?
Ticonderoga Club

What dish/drink or three words best sums up Atlanta’s food scene?
On the rise.

Top cooking tip?

Favorite ingredient, food, dish or cocktail?
Northern Chinese.

What’s your can’t-live-without-it cooking tool?
Japanese mandolin.

What food trend/ingredient do you see on the horizon?
Gourmet rotisserie.

Stephanie Marville


Mixologist Stephanie Marville

Favorite Atlanta restaurant/bar other than your own?
Umi, La Tavola, Varuni Napoli.

What dish/drink or three words best sums up Atlanta’s food scene?
Growth, energetic, comforting.

Top cooking/cocktail tip?

Favorite ingredient, food, dish or cocktail?
Amaro. It adds a unique depth of flavor to any cocktail but can also be enjoyed on its own.


What’s your can’t-live-without-it cooking/cocktail tool?
A GOOD wine key. It’s versatile and you’ll be surprised how often it comes in handy.

What food trend/ingredient do you see on the horizon?
Culinary techniques being implemented in prep for craft cocktails.

Saturday, January 14  |  Noon
Compliments of the Chef
Presented by Chef Jomo Morris and Chef Lasheeda Perry, Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta and Bar Margot

Jomo Morris


Chef Jomo Morris

Favorite Atlanta restaurant/bar other than your own?
Holeman and Finch Public House

What dish/drink or three words best sums up Atlanta’s food scene?
Eat what you crave.

Top cooking tip?
Taste your food.

Favorite ingredient, food, dish or cocktail?
Everything pork.

What’s your can’t-live-without-it cooking tool?
Gray Kunz spoon and Y shaped peeler.

What food trend/ingredient do you see on the horizon?

Lasheeda Perry

Girls Inc. of Alameda presents TASTE 2016

Chef Lasheeda Perry

Favorite Atlanta restaurant/bar other than your own?
Tuk Tuk

What dish/drink or three words best sums up Atlanta’s food scene?
Rustic, Southern and flavorful.

Top cooking tip?
Lemon is the salt of baking and pastry.

Favorite ingredient, food, dish or cocktail?

What’s your can’t-live-without-it cooking tool?
Offset spatula.

What food trend/ingredient do you see on the horizon?
Back to the basics.

Anything else you’d like to share?
I am new to Atlanta, but I am ready to explore and to join the group of amazing chefs here in Atlanta.

Saturday, January 14  |  4 p.m.
Tavern Fare With a Southern Flair
Presented by Chef Mark Nelson of HOBNOB and Chef Nick Anderson of Ormsby’s

Mark Nelson


Chef Mark Nelson

Favorite Atlanta restaurant/bar other than your own?

What dish/drink or three words best sums up Atlanta’s food scene?
Bourbon, craft beer, fresh ingredients.

Top cooking tip?
Don’t be afraid to season your food. Always add the seasoning at the end and taste before adding more. Most food is under seasoned.

Favorite ingredient, food, dish or cocktail?
My all-time favorite ingredient is octopus.

What’s your can’t-live-without-it cooking tool?
My small immersion blender.

What food trend/ingredient do you see on the horizon?
Asian buns are definitely a trend that chefs are playing with right now, doing non-Asian applications.

Anything else you’d like to share?
Chefs and kitchen staff work extremely hard in hot, fast paced environments. Show them some love when they get it right.

Nick Anderson


Chef Nick Anderson

Favorite Atlanta restaurant/bar other than your own?
Taiyo Ramen in Decatur

Top cooking tip?
Don’t over complicate it.

Favorite ingredient, food, dish or cocktail?
Salt and Thai basil.

What’s your can’t-live-without-it cooking tool?
My butcher’s steal.

What food trend/ingredient do you see on the horizon?
Well prepared, simple and easy food.

Hungry for more? Check out all of the tasty cooking events, as well as many workshops and parties happening during Market at AmericasMart.com/Events.

Chef demonstrations sponsored by Atlanta Magazine.

A Reason to Celebrate

Commemorating 20 Years of Holiday & Floral/Home Décor
By Helen Anne

It’s party time! Holiday & Floral/Home Décor is marking 20 years of success with a celebration during the January 2017 Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market. The product center, initially marketed using the “Art of Christmas,” has expanded to include celebrations that create family traditions.

Executing a new exhibit concept in 1996, AmericasMart redesigned space in Building 1, brought exhibitors with substantial Christmas lines together into one area and began promoting products designed for holiday celebrations. By focusing marketing efforts on a certain type of product located in a collective space, AmericasMart hoped to increase traffic to all exhibitors.

Loyal From the Beginning
Vaillancourt Folk Art, owned by Gary and Judi Vaillancourt, manufactures highly-detailed, hand-painted chalkware collectibles. The company was one of the first exhibitors to move to the 20th floor where artist-driven companies are highlighted. Gary Vaillancourt says the move has been very profitable for their business. “Right now, [the 20th floor] is probably the place to go in the show,” he says. “We see every major department store and every major catalog.”

Vaillancourt-AmericasMart AtlantaIn the beginning, however, it took creativity to develop foot traffic in the new center. The Vaillancourts relied on appointments with large buyers, but worked diligently with fellow exhibitors to build business with smaller buyers. “We would do different things,” Gary Vaillancourt says. “We would have scavenger hunts and Halloween parties and Easter egg hunts.” He even admitted to having photos of himself dancing a tango with Bethany Lowe, another early exhibitor in the product center.

Bethany Lowe, artist and creative director at Bethany Lowe Designs, remembers those early days well. Her company specializes in one-of-a-kind, collectible Christmas figurines and ornaments, as well as products for other holidays and family celebrations. She still designs and hand-finishes her high-end products, while her daughter Erin Glennon serves as CEO.

Lowe says she sent three Santa figurines to her first Atlanta Market more than 25 years ago. “I sold out my production for the year with one show,” she says. “After that, I was hooked on Atlanta.”

When the product center opened in the mid-1990s, it didn’t take long for Bethany Lowe Designs to move in. “We jumped on board on the 20th floor in the second year, and we’re really happy we did,” Lowe says. “It was appealing to me that the Mart was willing to offer dedicated showrooms to a select group of artists.”

All About the Relationships
Bethany Lowe - AmericasMart AtlantaBoth Bethany Lowe and Gary Vaillancourt credit the close-knit community of exhibitors with helping them maintain a competitive edge. Glennon echoes those sentiments. “We’ve been in a prime location for going on 20 years,” Glennon says. “People know where we are, and we’re absolutely a destination. That recognition is based, in part, on the relationships we’ve built in that building—from fellow exhibitors to the AmericasMart staff.”

Stephanie Voss, director of marketing for K&K Interiors, says her company also found a home in Holiday & Floral/Home Décor because K&K had an emphasis on the Holiday product category. Since first exhibiting on floors 19 and 20, K&K has experienced sales growth each year, and is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. “The shows represent a reunion of sorts for us because many of our customers are like family since they have been doing business with us for so long,” Voss says. “The ambiance is always upbeat with music, the smell of baked cookies, laughter and plenty of hugs.”

Kurt S. Adler is also celebrating an anniversary this year – the company’s 70th. Founded just after the end of World War II by Kurt Adler, the company is guided today by his children – Howard, Clifford and Karen. As the decades passed, the company has modified its product line from European traditions such as Black Forest Christmas Trees to blown glass ornaments, bubble-blowers and limited edition ornaments. With a nod to the past, its collection of Hollywood Nutcrackers has been popular for the past decade, and animatronics, fiber optic trees and interactive advent calendars carry it into the future.

Always Evolving and Growing
Julie H. Fry, CEO of Select Artificials, has had a decades-long association with AmericasMart, but only moved to Building 1 in late 2014 with a grand opening in the new space in January 2015. With the expanded showroom, Fry says Select Artificials continues to welcome both long-standing and new clients. “It is a great way for old friends, I mean customers, to see our product in a different venue,” she says. “It reinforces relationships.”

Building 1, Floor 20 - AmericasMart AtlantaAnother relatively new exhibitor in Holiday & Floral/Home Décor is Kaemingk, an international company focused on seasonal products from Christmas to Valentine’s Day to Easter to summer gardens. Mark Hooper, USA sales manager for Kaemingk, says the company’s experience has been so positive, it’s making an investment in its showroom this year. “We see Atlanta as one of the strongest markets in the U.S. and Building 1 the best place for our type of products,” he says. “We’re expanding our showroom for the 2017 January Market,” he says, “doubling our space from 7,000 to 14,000 sq. ft.”

As Holiday & Floral/Home Décor moves into its third decade, exhibitors are excited about the future. They expect their products to stay rooted in Christmas with continued expansion into Halloween, Easter, spring, Valentine’s Day and family traditions. They also have great plans to introduce their products to new buyers.

Join the exhibitors on Friday, January 13, from 4 – 7 p.m. as they celebrate 20 years of Holiday & Floral on Floor 20 and visit all the Holiday & Floral/Home Décor showrooms in Building 1, Floors 16-20 during January Market. And, keep in mind many exhibitors are Open Year Round between Markets as well.

Images courtesy of Bethany Lowe and Vaillancourt Folk Art.

Home Starts Here

Diversity of product leads to buyer success in Building 1, Floors 3 through 6
By Laura Raines

Four years ago, AmericasMart made a bold decision to integrate home furnishing exhibitors into its traditional rug floors (3-6) in Building 1. The showcase of diverse collections gives buyers access to more products, ideas and expertise.

“Retailers and designers appreciate the one-stop approach of having so much complementary merchandise within easy reach,” says Kevin Malkiewicz, vice-president and leasing manager.

One-stop buying works for the designer needing the perfect rug to complete a client’s den; the furniture store owner expanding into rugs; the carpet retailer adding more home accessories; or the lifestyle shopkeeper looking for display vignettes inspired by the latest trends.

“A creative lifestyle rug and home furnishings environment fits with the changing marketplace which has fewer specialty stores and more merchants selling online and across multiple product classifications,” says Malkiewicz.

AmericasMart Atlanta

Dimond Home

Elk International Group readily adopted the idea. “We took a leap of faith by moving to a larger location on the 6th floor, historically a rug floor, several years ago,” says CEO Bradford Smith. ELK is a manufacturer and distributor of lighting, wall décor, gifts and home accessories. Other home furnishing exhibitors have joined them.

“The floor has broad appeal to customers wanting to shop multiple categories in one location, while allowing greater opportunity to view merchandise in lifestyle settings,” says Smith.

Complimentary Collections
ELK’s designer has incorporated more than 400 new products into vignettes that
focus on modern farmhouse, urban and contemporary styles for the January show.
“Concrete tables and lamps, designer outdoor portable lighting, hand painted wall art, mirrors, and home furnishing accessories are shown in ‘wa-la’ settings that draw new customers,” says Kerry Radar, ELK showroom manager. “Catalogues and online ordering are a convenience, but people like to see things put together, to see the scale and how colors blend. It gives them ideas,” she adds.

AmericasMart Atlanta

Justina Blakeney Collection/Loloi Rugs

Other exhibitors agree. “Buyers today are looking at the décor and furnishings in all-encompassing approach; most are buying at least one other category, making it important for them to see how rugs coordinate with other aspects in their vignettes and store settings,” says Cyrus Loloi, principal of Loloi Rugs, located on the 4th floor.

Atlanta’s market symbolizes newness and freshness in the rug market, says Loloi. “This will be one of our largest product unveilings to date, with everything from new machine-made rugs, to hand-knotted carpets, as well pillows and new throws.” Loloi customers include large and small furniture stores, luxury designer showrooms and flooring specialty stores. “While inexpensive rugs are getting more beautiful all the time with the advancement of technology; we also see a strong market supporting the skill and artistry that goes into a fine rug.”

Full Coordination
Michael Marks, of Capel Rugs, an AmericasMart exhibitor since the early 1970s agrees that “Atlanta is a great rug market.” The company recently moved to the third floor, wanting to be closer to its competitors. “There is a synergy and community showing near other rug suppliers. Whether designers or retailers are looking for classic, transitional or contemporary styles, or the fast-growing niche of outdoor rugs, they’ll find it here,” says Marks. “An area rug can change the direction of a room, making it a popular home accessory in today’s economy.” And a good complement to other home furnishings.

AmericasMart Atlanta

Capel Rugs

Showing amidst rug and home furnishing showrooms makes rugs less intimidating
and more accessible, says Andrew Peykar, vice-president of operations for Nourison, a leader in the rug market, with a large showroom on Floor 3. Displays such as his
compact Rug Boutique helps place rugs in non-traditional rug stores. Diversification is
a benefit to everyone, he says. Key is for buyers to be able to source complete collections conveniently, which is simple at AmericasMart in Building 1, Floors 3-6.

Shop Floors 3-6 during The Atlanta International Area Rug Market® featuring The National Oriental Rug Show sponsored by ORIA, Wednesday, January 11 – Sunday, January 15 and select showrooms open for The Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market®, Tuesday, January 10 – Tuesday, January 17. Come visit the new Lighting & Decor Lounge in Building 1, Floor 5, 5-B-1 during Market and join us Wednesday, January 11 from 4 – 6 p.m. as we celebrate the debut of Lighting & Decor, a new magazine from Scranton Gillette Communications.The Lighting & Decor Lounge will feature a dynamic lineup of events with industry leaders, celebrity appearances, happy hours, trend presentations, and much, much more, Thursday, January 12 – Sunday, January 15:

Lunch and Lounge: Noon
Daily Dialogues: 1 p.m.
Happy Hour: 4 – 6 p.m.
Linley+Lauren’s Fab Five at Five Trend Presentations: 5 p.m.

Visit AmericasMart.com/January to learn more.

For more information:
Capel Rugs – 404.577.4320, capelrugs.com; ELK – 800.613.3261×312; Loloi Rugs – 404.220.2616, loloirugs.com; Nourison – 201.368.6900, nourison.com

Images courtesy of Capel Rugs, Dimond Home and Loloi Rugs

Top 10 Things to Know Before Market

Market is just around the corner. Be ready to hit the ground running when you arrive in Atlanta with ten great tips from our friend and designer Brian Patrick Flynn.

Want to Know More?
Download this Buyer Resource Guide, or pick one up around campus, for a quick overview of all the information you’ll need to know to get started at AmericasMart.


NOTE: Information presented in this video is subject to change at any time. Visit AmericasMart.com for current policies, registration requirements and general information.