Top 10 List: Indigo Girls

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Indigo Girls is one of the most famous duos to emerge from the Atlanta area in the 80’s.  From humble beginnings performing at local bars in Emory Village to winning the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Folk Album in 1990, Emily Saliers and Amy Ray have achieved much success. Together, they write, arrange, record and perform music which over the course of twenty-five years has become a vital part of the lives of their legion of devoted fans around the world, informing and rewarding them day to day. With twelve original studio albums, three live records, various Greatest Hits compilations, a Rarities and a Christmas record to their credit, the iconic duo continues to challenge itself creatively, over and over again, adding to a body of work that contains such contemporary classic songs as “Galileo,” “Shame on You,” “Closer To Fine,” “Kid Fears,” “Love of Our Lives,” “Making Promises,” “Get out the Map,” “Moment of Forgiveness,” “Least Complicated” and “Go.” The legendary group will perform this year at ICON HONORS 2017, an event hosted by AmericasMart to recognize notable members in the gift and home furnishing industry. The private concert will take place on Thursday, July 13 at the world-renowned Fox Theatre.

With such a robust body of work spanning more than 3 decades, Indigo Girls are sure to play many fan favorites and top hits. Here is a list of their top ten hits.  Be sure to let us know which one (or ones) you love to rock out to!

1. From the album Rites of Passage released in 1992, “Galileo” comes in at number one.

2. The lead single “Closer to Fine” off the 1989 album Indigo Girls takes the number two spot.

3. At number three is “Least Complicated,” the group’s top hit from the 1994 album Swamp Orphelia.

4. From the album Shaming of the Sun release in 1997, “Shame on you” comes in at number four.

5. “Love of our Lives” from Poseidon and the Bitter Bug (2009) charts this list at number five.

6. Next up at number six is “Kid Fears,” also from the 1989 Indigo Girls album.

7. “Making Promises” from Beauty Queen Sister (2011) comes in at number seven.

8. The 1997 hit “Get Out the Map” (Shaming of the Sun) lands at number eight.

9. At number nine is “Moments of Forgiveness” (Become You 2002).

10. And last but not least is “Go” from the 1999 Come on Now Social album.

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