Meet The Summer 2016 AmericasMart Interns

AmericasMart® proudly offers a range of educational internships for individuals who are seeking experience in the wholesale trade center industry. The Internship Program is designed for students to experience and manage “real-life business scenarios.” The program’s goal is to enhance student’s business acumen and to increase their professional value in the marketplace after graduation.

As they finish their assignments, learn more about the 21 interns AmericasMart hosted this summer.

Hannahkohl Almire
University of Georgia

AmericasMart Department: Digital Marketinghannahkohl
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Major/Minor: Marketing with an emphasis in Digital Marketing/Studio Art
Hobbies: Photography, basketball, painting, and running
Career Goal: To excel in the Digital Marketing field.
Greatest Accomplishment: Making it to the NCAA tournament two times for basketball at UGA.
Quote/Phrase you live by: “Some people are so poor all they have is money.” -Jack Kerouac
What you hope to gain from the program: Digital marketing skills in coding HTML and CSS and to build relationships with good people.

Atira L. Anderson
Georgia State University

AmericasMart Department: LIGHTFAIR Internationalatira
Hometown: Jonesboro, GA
Major/Minor: Marketing/ Art
Hobbies: In my spare time, I enjoy shopping, traveling, and exercising.
Career Goal: Marketing and researching the latest fashion trends are what I enjoy the most; therefore, my career goal is to become a Senior Buyer for a large retail company.
Greatest Accomplishment: I worked as the sports photographer for the Clayton State University Newspaper and also had the opportunity to photograph the Lake City Community Center Grand Opening Event.
Quote/Phrase you live by: “I view my career like a rubber-band ball in that every role is a new experience building toward something bigger.” – Jamie Chung
What you hope to gain from the program: I hope to expand my knowledge in the different aspects of marketing and gain a hands-on experience in the hospitality industry.

Anna Andruzak
Washington State University

AmericasMart Department: Retail Servicesannaandruzak
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Major/Minor: Hospitality Business Management
Hobbies: Leadership, event planning, adventuring, skiing (both water and snow), eating brunch
Career Goal: Event Planner
Greatest Accomplishment: I currently serve as Chapter President of my sorority, Kappa Delta. This is the second executive board position I have held (my first being Vice President of Membership Recruitment), overseeing 165 members.
Quote/Phrase you live by: “She has a way with words, red lip stick and making an entrance.” –Kate Spade
What you hope to gain from the program: I hope to gain experience that will help me in my career path after college. I also hope to gain connections.

Amelia Aptheker
Georgia Southern University

AmericasMart Department: Apparel Marketingamelia
Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
Major/Minor: Fashion Merchandising and Apparel Design
Hobbies: Flywheel, cooking, yoga, shopping
Career Goal: To own a business in the retail industry.
Greatest Accomplishment: Graduating from the best little university in Georgia!
Quote/Phrase you live by: Do one thing every day that scares you.
What you hope to gain from the program: Meet influential people, network to create lasting professional relationships, exercise my abilities, learn a lot, and show the company what I can do!

Amanda Bassett
Kennesaw State University

AmericasMart Department: Gift Temporariesamanda
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Major/Minor: Major: Management Minor: Marketing.
Hobbies: Shopping, running, cooking and spending time with friends and family.
Career Goal: My career goal is finding something I love to do every day. I am not entirely sure what my career will be yet but I hope after this internship with AmericasMart it will give me a better idea if this is something I can see myself doing in the future.
Quote/Phrase you live by: “All our dreams can come true it we have the courage to pursue them.”- Walt Disney
What you hope to gain from the program: I hope to gain experience in a business environment and learn the many things that go into a business that is unable to be taught in a classroom.

Anna Christine Crowther
University of Georgia

AmericasMart Department: Retail Servicesannacrowther
Hometown: Beaufort, SC
Major/Minor: Fashion Merchandising
Hobbies: Meeting new people, going on long walks, spending time with family and friends in the boat at home, and shopping of course!
Career Goal: To own a boutique with several locations
Greatest Accomplishment: Obtaining acceptance into the University of Georgia on a semi full academic scholarship.
Quote/Phrase you live by: “If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours.” –George Kacic
What you hope to gain from the program: I hope to learn more about what exactly I would like to pursue in the future. I also hope to gain connections in this industry that will help me further my career.

Briar Davis
Clark Atlanta University

AmericasMart Department: Publishingbriar
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Major/Minor: Mass Communications with a Concentration in Journalism
Hobbies: Shopping
Career Goal: To own a culturally conscious magazine.
Greatest Accomplishment: Graduating as the Salutatorian of my class in college.
Quote/Phrase you live by: “Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.” Romans 12:21
What you hope to gain from the program: I hope to gain more experience in the realm of journalism, a stronger network, and portfolio samples.

John Easton
Kennesaw State University

AmericasMart Department: Accountingjohn
Hometown: Marietta, GA
Major/Minor: Accounting/Management
Hobbies: Fishing, hiking, rock climbing
Career Goal: To graduate in December of 2016, then work in accounting for a private company.
Greatest Accomplishment: I held a school record in swimming during my senior year in high school.
Quote/Phrase you live by: “Instead of talking about how things won’t work, how about you make them work.”
What you hope to gain from the program: I hope to gain knowledge and experience that can only be learned by working in a job in my career field. I want to be able to take the coursework and be able to see how it applies in the real world.

Luciana EtchechouryEtchechoury-0051.NEF
Savannah College of Art and Design

AmericasMart Department: Fashion Office
Hometown: La Plata, Argentina
Major/Minor: Luxury & Fashion Management
Hobbies: Boxing, knitting
Career Goal: To become an Apparel Brand Manager.
Greatest Accomplishment: Having 2 children.
What you hope to gain from the program: My first time working in the U.S. so I hope to meet a lot of new people and work hard!

Crystal Hutson
Central Michigan University

AmericasMart Department: Fashion Officecrystal
Hometown: Berkeley, IL
Master’s Program: Apparel Product Development and Merchandising Technology
Hobbies: Traveling, listening to music, and shopping
Career Goal: To become a Fashion Event Director/Coordinator.
Greatest Accomplishment: Becoming a peer mentor for two cohorts of freshmen college scholarship students and becoming a role model and an older sister to all 170 of them. It really brought me joy to see the first cohort graduate and I look forward to the second cohort graduating this upcoming May.
Quote/Phrase you live by: “Success is most often achieved by those who don’t know failure is inevitable.” – Coco Chanel
What you hope to gain from the program: After the completion of this program I wish to have a better insight of the wholesale market industry and gain more experience on planning buying and entertainment fashion shows.

Gracie Jackson
Mississippi State University

AmericasMart Department: Fashion Officegracie
Hometown: Brandon, MS
Major/Minor: Fashion Merchandising and Business Administration
Hobbies: Cooking, traveling & exploring, shopping (of course, I always need retail therapy).
Career Goal: To work in a corporate buying office or assist in photoshoots and runway shows for a magazine or another type of company.
Greatest Accomplishment: Moving to a big city for the summer and interning for AmericasMart
Quote/Phrase you live by: “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”
What you hope to gain from the program: I hope to gain new friends, networking skills & connections, and I hope to learn more about my strengths and weaknesses and how I can work on them for my future career goal.

Bryanna Land
Georgia Institute of Technologybryanna

AmericasMart Department: Logistics/Operations
Hometown: Decatur, GA
Major/Minor: Industrial Engineering
Hobbies: Cooking, sleeping, singing
Career Goal: To own a business.
Quote/Phrase you live by: “No mistakes, just lessons learned.”
What you hope to gain from the program: I hope to get understanding of the role that logistics plays in a company and the inner workings of the system.

Susannah Lewis
The University of Alabama

AmericasMart Department: Gift Temporariessusannah
Hometown: Carrollton, GA
Major/Minor: Fashion Retailing/General Business
Hobbies: Traveling, shopping, watching fashion shows, going to concerts
Career Goal: Own my own business/store/company
Greatest Accomplishment: Working hard to pursue my goals in the fashion industry, which has allowed me to intern with companies like AmericasMart and Kleinfeld Bridal.
Quote/Phrase you live by: “It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all, in which case you fail by default.” – J.K. Rowling
What you hope to gain from the program: I am so excited to be a part of this program, as I will be working with the Newbie Program. My main objective with this project is to help new AmericasMart exhibitors feel at ease at their first market as I answer their questions, give them advice and offer a friendly voice to guide them through the process. I am hoping that I help these new exhibitors build their brands just a little stronger than before I contacted them. In turn, this project will give me sales and business knowledge that is invaluable in this industry.

Lauren McDonald
Stetson University

AmericasMart Department: LIGHTFAIR and ICON HONORSlauren
Hometown: Naperville, Illinois
Major/Minor: Marketing / Psychology
Hobbies: Writing, reading, paddle boarding, running, playing lacrosse
Career Goal: To earn a job working in/with the LIGHTFAIR and ICON HONORS department/team when I graduate.
Greatest Accomplishment: Head Coach Christy Leach doubled my athletic scholarship based on my dedication to our Division One Lacrosse team and my work ethic on and off the field.
Quote/Phrase you live by: “If you have respect for people as they are, you can be more effective in helping them to become better than they are.” –John W. Gardner.
What you hope to gain from the program: I want to build and maintain positive professional relationships with my manager and coworkers; contribute at a high level in the LIGHTFAIR and ICON HONORS department; under-promise and over- deliver to make my manger and coworkers happy; learn as much as I possibly can; and enjoy my summer working for AmericasMart – Atlanta.

Anna Messerly
Auburn University

AmericasMart Department: Retail Servicesannamesserly
Hometown: Woodstock, GA
Major/Minor: Apparel Merchandising/ Double Minor in Business & International Affairs
Hobbies: Shopping, running, decorating, and crafting
Career Goal: To, one day, own my own bridal boutique.
Greatest Accomplishment: I started my own monogramming and personalization business at the age of 16.
Quote/Phrase you live by: “Bloom where you’re planted.”
What you hope to gain from the program: I hope to be able to gain experience from another side of the Retail industry. It is interesting to see all aspects of it, so I know which career path I want to go down. It is also exciting to create relationships with buyers from all across the country.

Haleigh O’Connell
Florida State University

AmericasMart Department: Gift Temporarieshaleigh
Hometown: Oviedo, FL
Major/Minor: Retail Merchandising and Product Development/Entrepreneurship
Hobbies: Tie-dyeing and crafting, exploring new places, and eating french fries
Career Goal: To work for a company that I love in the retail industry and eventually own a boutique.
Greatest Accomplishment: Styling Bohemian wear in my first fashion show and receiving an internship before my Junior year of college.
Quote/Phrase you live by: “Tough times never last, tough people do.”
What you hope to gain from the program: Experience in the field

Kendall O’DonnellKendall O’Donnell-Face
University of Mississippi

AmericasMart Department: Gift Home & Rug Marketing
Hometown: Marietta, GA
Major/Minor: Marketing Major with a Business Minor
Hobbies: Yoga, running, staying active
Career Goal: To work in marketing long term.
Greatest Accomplishment: I was on 5 billboards for my smile. It was for an Orthodontist.
Quote/Phrase you live by: “Let your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile.”
What you hope to gain from the program: To meet and network with influential people who will have a positive impact on my future successes while also to make meaningful relationships that will challenge my abilities, and do this job to my best ability!

Morayo Oyewole
Georgia State University

AmericasMart Department: Apparel Tradeshowsmorayo
Hometown: Alpharetta, GA
Major/Minor: Business Economics/Marketing
Hobbies: Cooking, reading, fashion styling, and writing
Career Goal: To consult fashion businesses and become a freelance blogger.
Greatest Accomplishment: Participating in 2 consecutive internships at AmericasMart.
Quote/Phrase you live by: “Thus conscience does make cowards of us all.” –William Shakespeare
What you hope to gain from the program: I hope to gain personal and professional growth that I will keep with me for the rest of my career. I’ve learned so much and it only makes me want learn everything I possibly can.

Stephen Phillips
Clark Atlanta University

AmericasMart Department: Operationsstephen
Hometown: Birmingham, AL
Major/Minor: Criminal Justice/ Political Science
Hobbies: Shopping, Traveling, and quality time with friends and family
Career Goal: To become an Attorney in Educational Law and a Judicial Administrator
Greatest Accomplishment: Being honored by city and state officials in Birmingham for my exemplary work to usher kids in the community to life that many are not accustomed to or do not know exist.
Quote/Phrase you live by: “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”
What you hope to gain from the program: From this program,I hope to gain superior knowledge in the security field. In addition, I hope to increase my level of contacts by networking with members of the AmericasMart team.

Alejandra Trombetta
Georgia State University

AmericasMart Department: Apparel (Jan-Apr), Interior Relations (May-Aug)
Hometown: Caracas, Venezuelaalejandra
Major/Minor: Media Communications, Marketing, and International Business
Hobbies: Travel, cook, exercise, read, and fashion
Career Goal: To become a successful Corporate Event Planner and work in the Event Production Industry.
Greatest Accomplishment: Moving from Caracas to Georgia to pursue the career I wanted, and landing the internship of my dreams that launched my professional life.
Quote/Phrase you live by: “The best time for new beginnings is now.”
What you hope to gain from the program: My main goal at AmericasMart is to get a taste of all the different departments to understand how they work, and to determine the focus I want to give to my career. Moreover, I hope to build relationships with people and network with employees to comprehend what each job entails and get to know the company in a better way.

Kaila Yancey
Georgia State University

AmericasMart Department: Atlanta Convention Center at AmericasMakailart
Hometown: Akron, OH
Major/Minor: Public Relations / Double Minor Hospitality and Marketing
Hobbies: Walking nature trails, dancing, acting, baking and shopping
Career Goal: I would love to have my own Creative Events and Branding Firm
Greatest Accomplishment: Graduating from Georgia State University
Quote/Phrase you live by: “Live, Love, Laugh”
What you hope to gain from the program:I have already gained so much from this program. My department has been very flexible and has allowed me to work on all projects that both the ACC and AmericasMart encounter. I have become more detailed through working events.I have also become a better listener and with organizational skills due to the large events from various industries that the Atlanta Convention Center at holds in their facilities. Most importantly, I have gained a family here at AmericasMart and that is something you wouldn’t expect from the average job. The people here are really great people and when you get to know them you realize how awesome the people are who make up this facility. I hope to continue to learn and take these skills to my next journey.

Learn more about AmericasMart’s internship programs.

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