4 Tips to Sell More Accessories & Shoes

By Christina O’Flaherty

What’s a little black dress without a killer pair of heels?

Is the latest look really complete minus the handbag that ties it all together?

The right accessory can make or break an outfit, and the versatility of accessories make them optimal options for add-on sales. Read how you can boost the sales revenue in your store with these four easy tips for selling accessories:

Measure Shoe Size
If a customer falls in love with a shoe, only to learn it’s not available in their size, they can easily become frustrated and leave your store empty handed. It may seem like a hassle, but measuring their foot before pulling any shoes is the best way to show them all of their options off the bat, save both of you time, and get them engaged in conversation. 

Pique Curiosity
Bring out a few extra shoe options when you pull their requested shoe, like a different style shoe in the same color. Wait for them to ask about the extra boxes BEFORE showing them. By engaging them in this manner, you’re piquing their interest instead of trying to push something on them. This goes for accessories as well. Ask them if they’d like to see what necklace or bag other customers paired with the outfit they’re buying. A simple open question can do wonders.

Inspire Complete Looks
Create tangible displays around your store that show complete outfits from head to toe, as well as smaller areas that display your key items styled with accessories. Add scarves and jewelry to clothing on hangers or pair the latest “it” bag with some of your seasonal bestsellers. More options mean more sales opportunities.

Showcase on Social Media
In the age of Instagram and other social sites, more and more shoppers crave styled looks. Post photos of your employees wearing the latest accessories, ask customers to post themselves wearing their purchases (you can also offer a contest or discount for this), or work with a local stylist for help. They’re experts in mixing the new and the old so you can always offer your customers something “fresh” in the store.

Now that you’ve learned tips for selling more accessories, it’s time to stock up on the latest trends!

Trends to Watch

Trend: Wrap-Tie Footwear Line: Kristin Cavallari by Chinese Laundry

Trend: Wrap-Tie Footwear
Line: Kristin Cavallari by Chinese Laundry – 310.838.2103; ChineseLaundry.com

Trend: Runner Line: TOMS

Trend: Runner
Line: TOMS – 310.566.3170; Toms.com

Trend: Bowling Bag Line: Toregrossa

Trend: Bowling Bag
Line: Torregrossa – 732.991.2992; TorregrossaFashions.com

Trend: Natural Stones Line: Mliz

Trend: Natural Stones
Line: M. Liz Jewelry – 561.251.7007; MLizJewelry.com

Make sure to check out the Atlanta Apparel Market this weekend (June 2 – 5, 2016) in Building 3. Explore temporary collections on Floors 2 – 4 like Shoe Studio and JFA: Jewelry & Fashion Accessories, plus a wide mix of accessories and footwear in our showrooms on Floors 6 – 13.

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