Fall ’16 Trends from April Atlanta Apparel

Fashion’s ever changing trends keep the industry fresh and exciting. During last week’s Atlanta Apparel Market, our fashion intern team scouted the designer showrooms for key trends emerging for fall. Here’s a roundup of what you’ll be seeing soon at retail stores nationwide.

MINIMALISM Clean lines, oversized and masculine silhouettes combine with relaxed tailoring and long line layering.

PLAID Large and miniature variations are influenced by classic menswear, but with a modern twist.

GYPSY NOMAD Folkloric details create an upscale hippy look, including patchwork, fringe and layers. Fur and shearling add texture.

WINTER FLORALS Serious, yet ladylike take on the classic floral motif with vintage-inspired dark florals and multi-scale prints.

WILD SKIN Animal skins and prints return in all shades on trim, panels and all-over applications. Look for them to make huge statements in outerwear.

GLITZ & GLAM Sequins add sparkle to both evening and day wear, while velvet makes an appearance in full-length designs. Miniskirts rule and leather accents add edge.

BLACK & WHITE STATEMENTS These two colors combine to create an optical-style illusion with geometric, linear stripes, and graphic prints.

DARK ROMANCE A strong gothic aesthetic – think black-on-black lace, velvet, pleats and sheer overlays – complemented with rich berry tones.


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