Livin’ in E-Harmony with the Infamous Social Media Algorithm


Linley+Lauren // Image provided by LP2 Boutique Agency


Today’s guest bloggers Linley+Lauren are biz besties and co-founders of WORK//SHOP, marketing, social media and store planning resources for independent retailers. Follow their fun @linleylaurenlp2 and flamingle with them during their four social media seminars on Friday, April 8, 2016 at Atlanta Apparel. Visit or for more details.


We’ve got a special guy we’d like you to meet. You may not be looking for anyone new, but he’s actually already in your life. In fact, he’s been all up in your business lately.


Al Gorithm // Image provided by LP2 Boutique Agency

You’ve probably heard his name before. He’s quite the social butterfly, after all! Meet Al Gorithm (as in the infamous Facebook algorithm).

Waiiiiit… Don’t stop reading now! Sure, you (and almost every other business owner in the world) have a love/hate relationship with him, but hear us out. We think he’s gotten a bad rap, and he’s worth getting to know.

In fact, we suggest you get serious with him pretty quick… like maybe consider getting engaged?? That’s right! Social engagement is the best way to have Al Gorithm start working for your business and increase your social media success. Here’s why:

  1. He’s a real go-getter… and a bit of a workaholic too! He’s been organizing your customers’ Facebook news feeds since 2010, and he’s recently gotten a second job at Instagram. Whether you like it or not, he’s becoming increasingly important to delivering your social media content to your customers. If you don’t have a good relationship with him, he could be a bit of fatal attraction for your business.
  2. He’s quite the VIP. Sometimes it feels like ’ol Al is just using you for your money. After all, social media algorithms can force you to pay for ads or boosted content to increase your reach… especially if your engagement is low. But face the facts. Facebook users have liked more pages than their capacity to consume the information that comes from them — around 1,500 posts at any given time, and Instagrammers miss on average 70 percent of their feeds. If a feed is too overwhelming, users won’t see a thing. That’s why Al has become a Very Important Poster (and so well paid too!).
  3. He’s a good guy. Deep down, he really cares about what is important to you and your customers. The goal of the social media algorithm is to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time. On Facebook, he narrows those 1,500 posts down to the 300 or so that users are most likely to find interesting. Nice guy, right? No word on his start date at Instagram and how exactly he’ll work, but since Insta is owned by Facebook, he’s bound to operate similarly.

So do you heart him now? Then it’s time to say, “YES!” and get engaged on social media. We’ll be back with a second love letter soon to give you specifics on how to increase your placement in the algorithm by engaging your followers on Facebook and Instagram.

Take Care,

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