Décor for Spring & Summer

Key interior concepts for Spring/Summer 2016
As we get through winter and look forward to the warmer months, it’s imperative to understand what customers will see as interesting. Simple, authentic and textural design is key for the coming season, as consumers want to highlight craftsmanship and materials more than ever. The following are a few predictions for Spring/Summer 2016 home décor from Trend Specialists at WGSN, a subscription-based trend forecasting service.

Chalked Surfaces
The industrial meets the domestic as concrete and whitewashed wood inspires chalky color and finish for domestic earthen kitchenware, interior lighting and interior accessories. Weather-worn patinas and soft tints add authentic character to any room.

Marbled Tints
Delicate color tints accentuate the unique beauty and natural grain of wood, marble and stone, emoting a more sensitive mood through cosmetic enhancement. Glass and resin products have a mineral or quartz-like finish.

Lace Effects
Tactility is key in both decorative accessories and furniture, with a simple yet commercial direction for subtle relief textures on ceramics, kitchen appliances, and stenciled effects for tablecloths. Etching or laser cutting into classic pieces provides an elegant surface update perfect for an understated hint of opulence.

Coastline Contours
Ariel views of coastlines and landscapes inform new contours as products map driftwood into glass and resin, emulating land and sea. Reclaimed wooden objects are up-cycled and mixed with fiberglass, resin, paint, and crystallized layers to look like stacked geological artifacts.

Breezy Blues
Perfect for the peak of summer, shades of turquoise blend with foamy tones of off-white for highly textured designs that look as though they’ve been stirred by the breeze, submerged in water or scorched by the sun.

WGSN is the industry-leading content and technology solution for professionals in the style, fashion and design sectors. For more information, visit wgsn.com. Images courtesy of WGSN.

For more Market trends see our January 2016 AmericasMart Market Magazine.

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