Warm Weather Offerings

Gift ideas for Spring/Summer 2016
As retailers thinking ahead to warmer seasons, gift options will stand out with an array of items that range from playful to polished to overly tactile. Knowing which trends attract consumers each season is crucial. The Global Trend team at WGSN helps retailers stay informed about these trends, and here are some of their top picks for gifts in Spring/Summer 2016.

Landscape Inspired
Mountains, topography and snowcapped peaks continue to inspire designers. From 3D forms to prints, true-to-life interpretations and stylized outlines create miniature landscapes in the kitchen, on the desk and even on the wall, bringing the outdoors atmosphere indoors.

Accessories reference deep-sea life with abstract coral prints and tactile frames and vases. Fluid glass vessels, creature-like candleholders and abstract metallic frames offer an organic design direction.

Metal & Matte
Washed-out copper and brass are treated in polished, sheeny or distressed finishes. Barely tinted glass and Plexiglas allow for transparency play with simple, organic shapes. Matte and shiny contrast by pairing solid or foil metal with wood, fabric and paper.

Pixel Play
Playful pixel patterns across 2D and 3D surfaces use color and material to create depth and form. Sequined and woven cushions have a decorative tactile look. Pixel patterns on hard objects can use simple flat printing or dynamic 3D forms.

Natural Woven
Slubby texture with irregular construction and material combinations, such as reed, coir and sea grass cord, brings a global craft influence to household vessels. Tufted textures and graphic patterns add surface appeal to everyday storage containers. The artisan aesthetic is also introduced in raffia.

WGSN is the industry-leading content and technology solution for professionals in the style, fashion and design sectors. For more information, visit wgsn.com. Images courtesy of WGSN.

For more Market trends see our January 2016 AmericasMart Market Magazine.

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