The Luxury of Selling Fine Linens

Basic Tips to Sell Luxury Linens

Luxury home and fine linens are growing markets, but they still depend on personal Global Viewsrelationships and product knowledge to be successful. Bedding is one product area that’s about much more than just physical elements of the manufacturing – it’s about romance and ambience.

Quality sells. That’s the bottom line when it comes to bedding. Sferra Bros. Raised the bar for everyone by introducing the first 1,020 thread count Eqyptian cotton sheet more than a decade ago. But, don’t let thread count fool you. It’s an industry myth of sorts that higher thread count always means better quality. In reality, while a high thread count usually means a smoother, finer sheet, it’s only one factor. Base fiber, quality of yard and finishing are vital defining properties of the finished product.

Pom Pom at HomeRetailers new to the marketplace should start with a base product from one manufacturer that will sell to a range of customers. It could be a set of pillowcases or a basic sheet set. Then, use that product to help build inventory as the demand grows. As new customers are exposed to high-end bedding, they’ll tend to want more and are willing to work it into their budgets. Retailers can work the same way by growing their product mix as their customer base grows.

Display is an absolute key to success – don’t keep linens hidden on shelves or hangers.IMG_4598 Determine how much floor space you can dedicate to a display bed and make the most of it. Even a single bed can work wonders since people tend to buy what they see. Most can’t resist a luxuriant, beautifully made-up bed. Even if they can’t afford to buy an entire ensemble, they can add a few luxury pieces. And, the display can be that “Wow” factor element every store must have to draw people in the doors.

Here are some good-to-know tips and terms for sourcing linens:

  • A coverlet is similar to a blanket cover or spread versus a duvet cover, which encompasses a duvet (comforter)
  • If you aren’t interested in a bed skirt to conceal box springs, then a box-spring cover is another option.
  • There are different types and qualities of “down” inserts. Products can claim to contain “down,” but it’s often a blend of materials. Hungarian goose down is superior for being lightweight and providing warmth. A rule of thumb: the colder the country, the better chances of it being true “down.”
  • “Embroidery” refers to a design or motif; monograming is embroidered initials.
  • In fine linens, white and ivory continue to be the best sellers since they are timeless and classic.AWH_PHOTO-8726

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