The Taster’s Choice

To sell gourmet, you have to share products and information

Today’s consumers have a sophisticated palette and are open to new, interesting AWH_PHOTO-8818gourmet products. But, to sell them, you have to let people taste them first. Otherwise, they won’t be able to fully appreciate the intricacies of creative flavor combinations.

Why not just set out samples for people to try? That’s simpler than having a person prepare and serve. Sampling gets people to try something, but doesn’t necessarily get them to buy it. Product demonstrations are interactive. Enthusiastic, educated people can sway a customer by answering questions and offering serving suggestions.

Product demos can be effective any time of year – retailers typically sell 10 times the normal product volume after a successful promotion – but demos are particularly effective during holidays when customers already purchase more food and gifts. When people are entertaining more frequently, they appreciate suggestions and options more than ever. Don’t stick to just traditional holidays; offer demos around tailgating for football season, salads when it’s too hot to cook in the summer or brunch ideas around Mother’s Day.

AWH_PHOTO-2588Here are some tips to create an effective gourmet product demonstration:

  • Sample four or five items in different categories such as a dip, a salsa, preserve or sweet topping and mustard. Consumers like variety but too many options is confusing.
  • Practice making recipes ahead of time.
  • Locate the demo adjacent to the product display.
  • Decorations can be festive, but it’s more important to keep the area neat and clean. This can be easy to overlook when you get busy.
  • Schedule the event to last several hours during high-traffic periods.
  • For best results, hand the item to customers or hold the tray rather than allowing them to pass by and graze. This encourages engagement and captures the curiosity of other shoppers.
  • Make recipes available – and stock the other necessary ingredients when possible. When you provide a complete package, you also provide an instant solution for them to add to their culinary repertoire.

Gourmet products are available in both permanent showrooms and temporaries at AmericasMart during Markets. Explore all the possibilities to spice up your sales with product demos!

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