Making Prom Dreams A Reality

Tips for giving back from TLC’s Say Yes to the Prom

syttp15 m 08 monte advice 106 lrProm can be the highlight of a teenager’s year full of celebrations and the opportunity to wear that oh-so-perfect-dress.

TLC is helping to make that perfect prom night more attainable for deserving high school students with its Say Yes to the Prom initiative which brings dresses, tuxedos, makeup, accessories, style advisors and mentorship opportunities to young men and women across the country.

syttp15 ss 13 group 014“Say Yes to the Prom continues to give participants the opportunity to feel empowered and confident and to build valuable relationships with mentors that can grow and develop for years to come,” says Adria Alpert Romm, Chief Human Resources and Global Diversity Officer, Discovery Communications, parent company to TLC. “By pairing like-minded organizations across the industry, we will harness the collective power of our assets, from on-air talent to local relationships and employee resource groups, to create meaningful change across the country. As a mission-driven company, Discovery is committed to giving back to the communities where we live and work, and Say Yes to the Prom makes a real impact for deserving girls across the country.”

Head to for more information on how you can support the initiative, and don’t forget to stop by TLC’s Say Yes to the Prom cocktail reception on Floor 12, N-300 on Thursday, August 6, 2015, from 3:30– 5:30 p.m.

Looking to also make an impact in your local community? Try these additional tips for giving back:

syttp15 denver 14 runway 557Pre-owned Pop-Up. Create a pop-up shop with gently used dresses staffed by your sales team. Give the dresses away or charge a small fee. Host the event at a specific time in your store or see if there is another location close-by.

Dress Return. Encourage your customers to bring their old dresses back to the store to donate to a charity or to use in your own pre-owned pop-up shop. Offer a small percentage off new gowns for old gowns that are donated.

Prom Tip Jar. Place a tip jar by your register for customers to drop in their change. Use the money to help off-set the cost of buying dresses for deserving girls in the community.

Host a VIP Night. Create a special event that lets shoppers preview your prom gowns before they officially hit the floor. Charge admission to the event and donate the proceeds.

Show Your Colors. Research colors that are associated with different philanthropic organizations. Donate a percentage of the sale of dresses in that color to the charity.

WORLD OF PROM takes place August 6-10 at AmericasMart Atlanta. RSVP Now.

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