Back To School with Larry Lucas

Back to School in Style with Larry Lucas

Larry Lucas has been a familiar face on the AmericasMart campus since the 1970s. Lucas recently retired from his eponymous showroom, Larry Lucas, Inc. after nearly 40 years. Prior to his wholesale career, Lucas owned a successful 10,000-square-foot gift and floral shop in Sandy Springs, Ga.  He will periodically share his expertise with us on the AmericasMart blog.

AWH_PHOTO-9993The back-to-school season can be extremely stressful, not only for parents and teachers, but for the owners of your favorite kid-friendly shops, too. They may not be rummaging through shelves of school supplies at the craft store, but they are making their way to Market to shop the latest trends for children to wear throughout the school year.  It can always be a little tricky getting customers to visit your store to update their children’s wardrobe for the school days to come. Try implementing these tips into your store during the back-to-school time period for a successful season.

When preparing to visit Market, make sure you research the needs of children kindergarten through sixth grade. Use search tools such as Pinterest, Instagram and your favorite parenting fashion bloggers for inspiration on what’s to come.

As a helpful tip, try sending friendly reminders to the elementary school teachers in your area, letting them know what your store has available and how you can help them andAWH_PHOTO-3229 their students during the back-to-school season. Whether you have fun, new backpacks or a great selection of children’s shoes, it’s helpful to get your name out to the community. Also consider offering them special discounts or create a contest including the students, ultimately bringing new customers into your store.

Set yourself apart from other children’s boutiques or department stores by carrying items that are unique to your store. Visiting Market gives you a great chance to visit showrooms that carry leading product, offering a chance to physically see and feel its AWH_PHOTO-9913quality. Don’t forget add-ons like backpacks and lunch boxes. Also remember that rainwear is a big seller in the months of August, December and April.

Succeeding in getting back-to-school shoppers into your store can be a benefit to your store in multiple ways. Not only are you gaining business, but you’re also capturing new customers, as parents with little ones visit your shop for the first time. Good customer service creates loyal customers, so keep them coming back for years to come. Ask for feedback on what your customers want to see for the seasons to come. Offer them reasons to come back, such as promotional emails or special deals. While signing them up for your mailing list, be sure to ask for the child’s birthday so you can send them a special note or discount. As long as you are able to provide your customers with what they are looking for, your name will be at the top of their shopping list this fall.

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