Take Note: Tips For Incorporating Stationery, Imprinting, Paper and Occasions Into Your Store


When was the last time you pulled out a stack of decorative stationery or thank-you cards to hand write a personal note?  We’re guessing it’s been a while. Traditions like these aren’t always as popular as in the past, but you can help your customers bring them back by providing the latest paper products that are too charming to turn down.

One of the Write-On temporary exhibitors at AmericasMart® offers a list of tips to incorporate stationery, imprinting, paper and occasions into your store. Pull out a pen and paper to take note of these helpful hints.

KNOW WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR: When you visit the temporaries, it’s helpful to know what you’re looking for, such as what will complement the overall theme of your store or how much available space you have. Representatives from each temporary exhibitor are there to help you, and they can show you what would work best for your store if you give them an idea of what you’d like to see. It is important to note that paper products can be sold in any type of store.  Whether you primarily sell apparel or garden tools, there is a perfect spot for a stack of greeting cards or a few small prints.


QUALITY IS KEY:  Shopping the temporaries is a personal opportunity that allows you to physically see and feel the overall quality of the products you’d like to have in your store. Ordering product online can sometimes be tricky unless you’re certain of the overall manufacturer quality. When customers purchase paper products in a local store or boutique, they want something that stands out.  Make sure you are mindful of the quality of your products so customers are happy with their purchase.

BE MINDFUL OF THE MINIMUM: Most paper businesses have a minimum number that buyers must meet to place their first order. Because stationery products have low prices at their wholesale cost, you may think this is an unnecessary impediment. However, because stationery businesses offer a wide variety of products, buyers find it easy to meet the minimum for their opening order. Also, it’s important to know that many businesses will run “market specials” during their time in Atlanta, and sometimes this includes “no minimum order.”  This gives buyers the option to place a small order when they are just starting out.

AWH_PHOTO-7753CARRY A VARIETY: Just about everyone who walks into a store has a different taste and will be attracted to different products, which is why it is important to carry a diverse mix. You never know what they will be looking for that day, whether it is a birthday card or personalized stationery.  Having this diverse group of products allows you to attract different customers every day. Your customers will know that they can pop in for a last-minute gift, or stop by each month to re-stock their stationery supply.

KNOW WHAT COMPLIMENTS YOUR PRODUCTS: Anyone who wants to carry paper products should offer a variety of other complementary products. For example, decorative washi tapes, colorful twine, easy tote bags, reliable pens, etc.  All of these items can be used to complete the perfect gift package or writing set.  Also, cute art prints display well and attract the same type of customer while adding a decorative touch to any space.

AWH_PHOTO-1251ESTABLISH A RELATIONSHIP: The most important tip to keep in mind when beginning your store’s collection of paper products is establishing a relationship with vendors. It is important to them to know your goals so they can help you attain them. They can help you be successful by providing products you need, want and like. So, when you begin your journey of searching for the perfect paper goods to carry in your store, take time to speak with your vendors.  Communicate with them and let them know what exactly you need in order to successfully please each one of your customers.

Visit all of the Write-On exhibitors this July at The Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market®.  Temporaries will be openThursday, July 9 – Monday, July 13, 2015.

A special thanks to Pam and Kristen Reynolds of Reyn Paper Co. for their assistance with this post.  You can find Reyn Paper Co. at Market this July on Floor 5 at booth 1506. 

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