Tip Top Derby Style

RS25471_aw6826As the fashion world awakens for spring, the “greatest two minutes in sports” has a long-standing tradition as a style mecca. The fashion show starts long before and continues long after with an impressive collection of stylish people enjoying an unrivaled atmosphere. Fashion has been part of the experience at the Kentucky Derby since the late 19th and early 20th century when Colonel M. Lewis Clark, Jr., set out to establish an environment to rival that of European horse racing. While styles have transitioned through the years, it’s well established that ladies wear suits or dresses and men wear jackets and ties – but what sets the outfits apart are the famous Derby hats.

Although gloves have shifted out of favor in the 1960s, the one accessory that continues to thrive is the hat – the bigger and more spectacular the better. Today’s ladies’ hats run the gamut from handcrafted to wildly expensive designer creations. Dapper gentlemen are even getting into the spirit, adding to resplendent ties with hats inspired by looks from the 1920s or 1940s.

style39      style20      Side view of a large pink hat with coral flowers, feathers

According the official Kentucky Derby website, there’s an ongoing debate over which comes first – the dress or the hat? But, it seems there are no wrong answers. Here’s the official advice, straight from kentuckyderby.com:

Some will say that you absolutely get the outfit first. Then you design your hat to go with the outfit. (The arguement here is that it’s easier to custom design a hat than to “make” an outfit to go with a hat!)

Then there are those who say that you must definitely purchase, create or design your hat before picking out the outfit. Most often in this case, matching the dress (or outfit) to your hat involves personal preference, however keep a few things in mind in getting dressed:

* If your hat is having a pattern party, keep the dress design simple.
* If the hat is simple and elegant, keep the outfit simple also for a classy look.
* If you want a funky outfit, keep it consistent and accent the hat most of all!
* If you have long hair, showcase a ponytail slightly to side or keep it down to one side to highlight the color on your face.

style32      style17      style15

Great advice, whether you’re attending a Derby function or simply love the idea of adding a stylish chapeau to complete an outfit. Find all the stylish accessories you need to style the perfect outfit for your customers at Atlanta Apparel.

Images courtesy of kentuckyderby.com

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