An A for Effort – Creative Back to School Sales

Ginger'sWhile spring markets still preview summer styles, those retailers who specialize in juvenile products already are thinking about one of their busiest seasons: back-to-school.

Ginger’s is a specialty retailer in Corinth, Miss., serving kids from preschool through college along with moms and grandmas. They have a knack for creating appealing incentives to drive back-to-school sales. But it’s the special events that really ramp up the excitement for parents and kids. With creativity and careful planning, back-to-school parties draw customers and encourage repeat business. Here are some of their successful ideas:

Spirit Night – Local cheering squads compete in a “cheer-off” in front of the store. Popcorn is served in megaphones imprinted with a store logo and special coupons offer shopping incentives.

Under the Big Top – Shoppers who make a minimum purchase get a free circus-themed T-shirt with the store name, and customers pop colorful balloons which hold varying percentage discounts.

gingers10Beach party – The front sidewalk is converted to a beach-like setting covered with sand for this event. A local band entertains with beach music, and there’s tropical refreshments. Customers are greeted with a colorful Hawaiian lei, and store employees wear grass skirts and bright T-shirts custom made for the party.

Fashion  Fortune – A special treat for customers on Ginger’s’ mailing list: Loyal shoppers are mailed a fortune cookie which can only be opened with a visit to the store, and each “fortune” contains a discount coupon or free merchandise. All attendees also receive take-out boxes with coupons that can be used later.

gingers 7Sail Away Seniors – To follow up on sales before school starts, there’s also a  special event to honor local graduating seniors at the end of the year that includes suggestions for graduation gifts and an option to create a gift registry for friends and family.

Find all the products needed for fabulous, fun sales and events in your store at Atlanta Apparel Markets with lines for everyone from kindergarteners to college grads. It’s all in Atlanta!

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