Spring for Suede and Leather

Spring and Summer 2015 styles at Atlanta Apparel Market have a strong focus on fabrics, with a broad array of options. Traditional linen, cotton, silk and chiffon are balanced with strong but subtle pieces in leather and suede, adding a new dimension for the coming retail sales season.

My Tribe Nue by ShaniMoving beyond just black, white and brown, color adds new interest and more options to mix with a variety of warm season pieces. With air conditioned homes, offices and planes, there’s always a need for striking, functional pieces no matter what the calendar says.

TCECBiz Miilla jacket

Moto jackets are refreshed with lighter weights and unexpected colors. Pencil skirts are sleek while circle skirts are both playful and bold in leather. Pastels bring softness and sophistication while bolder color add a striking element of drama.

Origami Judith March 2 judith March

Laser cuts dominate, but designers also opt to use leather an suede as trim to add texture and sometimes movement with insets, edging and fringe. From boho to edgy to chic, there’s a tactile freshness to adding suede and leather to any collection.

My Tribe group

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