Flashback to Neon Brights for Spring & Summer

Ark & Co.Walk the aisles and showrooms of the Atlanta Apparel Market and you might think it’s 1984 instead of 2014. Flashes of neon burst from racks and displays across collections. From accessories and trims to separates to dresses, vivid color brings life to myriad pieces.

Ark & Co.  Esley Honey Punch USA

Bursts of nJulia Jordaneon aren’t restricted to a single category; there are pieces in lines ranging from Young Contemporary to Fashion Accessories to Moderate and Better collections. While everyone of every age can’t pull off electric pink chiffon shorts or a glowing yellow crop top, punches of brightness add life to tops, dresses and accessories making the luminous options available to every customer.

Whether you’re looking for a burst of life to create a bold summer display or just looking for a few pieces to add pops of color, ideas abound at Market.

Voom by Joy Han Kaya di Koko-Vaccarelli Katherine WayZ&L Europe

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