Scaring up Sales this Halloween

What’s hot for Halloween 2014? WGSN offers some spooktacular insight.

  • Skeleton and skull décor is rivaling pumpkins as the overarching symbol of Halloween, though pumpkins are still strong this year.
  • Macabre animal skeletons, taxidermy and preserved bugs are a throwback to early scientific experiments. X-ray plates and apothecary items underscore the 19th-century biology and weird science theme.
    dog skeleton
  • DIY kits complete with cupcake cups, cake toppers and cookie cutters are given a Halloween theme.
  • Look for continued influence from the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead, offering a colorful change from the classic orange and black.
    day of the dead
  • Wreaths are given a holiday feel with orange baubles and glittery sheens while organic-inspired twig wreaths create an eerie mood.
  • Ideal for consumers on a budget, disposable décor is cheap and requires no storage. Look for purple shades set next to classic orange and black.

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