Let Us Entertain You: 3 ways to wow your customers

As a home editor at Better Homes and Gardens magazine, Kelly Kegans has the honor of working with all kinds of creative homeowners, tastemakers, event planners, and designers to bring their fab entertaining tips to life. She’ll be talking all things home entertaining on July 11 to share consumer insights, party products, and trends for themed (and not-so-themed) gatherings. It’s a conversation that we hope will inspire your retail shop to engage consumers in ways to make planning for—and playing host to—easy yet personal ways to entertain at home.

  • Host an interactive workshop

Invite a special guest (blogger, designer, event planner) to lead an in-store class showing how to pull together a memorable tablescape. Feature a DIY centerpiece alongside place settings using products pulled from your store shelves. Give guests a small treat and a tip sheet from the class as a takehome gift.


  • Showcase a party theme with a vignette

Everyone loves a trend. Create a store vignette or window display that features a striking color palette in a table setting. Bar carts are still hot! Set one up using new products and christen it with a happy hour. Talk about good times! Nature never gets old. Bring the outside in with a tablescape using natural elements mingled with mix-and match products from your store.


  • Partner with another vendor

Whether it’s a local food festival, art fair, or another type of city celebration, partner up with an expert who complements your shop in a way that you can showcase your products and expertise. For example, BHG taught an interactive class with a local wine expert and chef that included table setting ideas and food and wine pairings at Des Moines’ Winefest last month.


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