Visual Merchandising: It’s all in the details!

Guest blogger Becky Tyre is the Senior Trends Editor for GIFT SHOP Magazine, a visual merchandising consultant, social media content provider and the owner of the Retail Details blog. Becky is one of the seminar presenters at the Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Market this July. Join her at 3:00 PM on July 12 as she shares 50 Store Display Ideas That Move Merchandise, a fast-paced look at fun display ideas that’ll have products flying off your shelves!

There are numerous categories of store displays, but essentially all displays are meant to present merchandise to customers and promote the image of a store with a goal of increasing sales.

Well-designed store window displays will attract customers and draw them into your store. Using unexpected elements and presenting items in unconventional ways creates interest from passersby and represents the store as clever, creative and fun.


Stores in areas with more street traffic than pedestrians may include store window graphics, bright colors or large props in the exterior windows. Proper lighting is a key merchandising element in store windows that face busy streets.


The challenge of displaying small products like jewelry is best approached with bold color combinations or a striking monochromatic theme that brings customers in for a closer look.


Inviting entryways set the tone for a store’s image as customers enter the retail space or when they peek in and can make the difference between customers choosing to come in versus window shopping. This display should be created with multiple levels and layers, but not so high as to block the view. A single product theme is ideal for a focal display. Holiday or event themes also work well in the foyer area or products in a single color palette.


Choose props, presentations and fixtures that fit the image of the store and the merchandise. In addition to being a selling tool for your products, such physical display elements create a subtle perception of the image of your store. Unique displays leave a lasting impression with customers and creative presentations trigger memories from your store bringing customers back again and again.


Stay display inspired!

~Becky Tyre

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