Falling for Fuchsia

At the June 2014 Atlanta Apparel Market, myriad new, creative trends popped in both showrooms and temporaries. One that stood out? Lots of fun fuchsia.

Fuchsia is a bright, bold shade of purple-red that always stands out, often drawing eye-catching attention. Its name derives from the flower of the fuchsia plant and was first introduced as a dye in 1859 by a French chemist. It certainly has a stylish flair!

The vibrant color is perfect for a night out with the girls or a day running errands. It’s versatility makes it viable for a variety of styles. While fuchsia is bright and bold, it complements and fits with prints and patterns.

This vivid shade brightens any season whether its a pop of accessory color or the primary of an outfit.

      Itro top    Yahada fuschsia shorts                                                     Fuschsia Ahn & Ahn showroom

(Top left Itro, Top right Yahada, Bottom Center Ahn & Ahn)

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