Home’s Ode to Autumn: Key interior concepts for Fall/Winter 2014

When the air turns crisp, and the leaves begin to turn colors, we know fall is here. The changing seasons coincides with a string of holidays. In preparing for these celebrations, consumers are inspired to decorate. Those retailers who are up to date on what’s trending will know how to entice their customers to buy. Such knowledge is provided by trend specialists at WGSN-Stylesight, who see patterns in the market and can ascertain what will most likely be of mainstream interest.

Here are some of their Fall/Winter 2014 forecasted trends in soft and hard goods for the home.


As we advance into the digital age there’s an increasing need to stay connected to nature. We want to bring the outdoors in, hence why timber, in the form of tree trunks and logs, both real and simulated, are filling our interiors.

timber 1 timber 4 timber 2 timber 3

Dried Botanicals

An outgrowth of the farm-to-table trend is that food foragers are discovering wild flowers and plants, bringing them to the forefront of design. These botanicals are being preserved either through drying them or replicating their likeness in other mediums, so that we can infuse our spaces with their newly appreciated beauty. 

Dried Botanicals 3 Dried Botanicals 4 Dried Botanicals 1 Dried Botanicals 2


Marble, a classic and imperial stone which has adorned edifices since ancient times, is being re-worked into contemporary pieces, for instance as an armchair and the base of a pendant lamp. Such unexpected uses of marble updates its image as an archaic material into an alluring modern one.

marble 1 marble 4 marble 3 marble 2

Embossed Leather

Depending on one’s interests, embossed leather can bring to mind either a present-day accessory or an antique memento. This season it’s covering an array of goods from fashion apparel to various home furnishings, including walls, a true luxury.leather 4 leather 2 leather 1 leather 3


Ombre, which began as a dip-dye effect in garments, is a trend that’s expanding to interiors. The subtle gradation of color from one shade to another adds depth and dimension to any surface, forming a beautiful impression.

ombre 1 ombre 2 ombre 3 ombre 4

WGSN-Stylesight is the industry-leading content and technology solution for professionals in the style, fashion and design sectors. For more information, visit wgsn.com or stylesight.com. Images courtesy of Stylesight.

For more Market trends see our July 2014 AmericasMart Market Magazine, available next month.


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