Bestowals of Fall: Gift ideas for Fall/Winter 2014

When autumn arrives, festive occasions such as Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas, are not far behind. With all these opportunities for gift-giving, consumers begin to think about finding the latest and greatest items options for the people in their lives. Discerning retailers who are aware of the trends will be able to draw their customers’ attention and inspire them to make a purchase. Insightful information from the trend specialists at WGSN-Stylesight, a trend forecasting service that offers key directions for the season can help retailers to plan ahead.

Here are some of their recommendations for Fall/Winter 2014.


Owls are mysterious creatures that enchant and delight. Usually camouflaged within trees their distinctive large eyes reveal their presence. Whether rendered as regal birds or whimsical caricatures, owl motifs are everywhere and certainly make for a charming gift.

owl 1 owl 2 owl 3 owl 4

Black Silhouettes

There’s a renewed interest in 18th century black-silhouetted imagery. Originally an inexpensive method of paper portraiture, artists and designers are now mimicking this archaic style by printing black silhouettes on various materials, such as wood coasters and cloth napkins, stamping everyday items with a sense of history.

black 4 black 3 black 2 black 1

Simple Sayings

In an era of information, we constantly receive a barrage of messages from multiple sources, and it can be overwhelming. That’s one reason items with simple sayings, or even a single word, are gratifying because they’re soothing in their simplicity.

simple 4 simple 3 simple 2 simple 1


Embroidery is back in vogue because there’s a desire for things made by hand. This centuries-old technique is being used in both traditional (for example, via monogramming) as well as imaginative ways (such as embroidering a box to look like a book and even applying it to a metal bracelet), imbuing objects with a personal touch.  

Embroidery 4 Embroidery 3 Embroidery 2 Embroidery 1

Babushka dolls

Since designers are looking to Eastern Europe for inspiration this season, the Russian nested doll, commonly known as a babushka doll, is trending. Painted on tea cups or sculpted into a ring, you know this folkloric expression is fashionable when Dolce & Gabbana conceive their version of the doll in black, creating a covetable gift.

Babushka 4 Babushka 3 Babushka 2 Babushka 1

WGSN-Stylesight is the industry-leading content and technology solution for professionals in the style, fashion and design sectors. For more information, visit or Images courtesy of Stylesight.

For more Market trends see our July 2014 AmericasMart Market Magazine, available next month.

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