Ready for Kickoff: Game Day Looks

Shopping for fall in the South and beyond isn’t complete without stocking up on your game day fashions. Football fans used to search high and low for outfits in their teams’ colors, but more and more designers are listening to their audience and creating game day collections. Some items are proudly emblazoned with mascots and logos, while others are subtle nods to traditions and team colors. Here are just a few of the game day styles we found during April market.

Alma Mater shoes at Atlanta Apparel

Alma Mater

Team Couture game day shirt at Atlanta Apparel

Team Couture

Strawberry Blonde game day dress at Atlanta Apparel

Strawberry Blonde

Dayton K dress at Atlanta Apparel

Dayton K

Yours Truly dresses at Atlanta Apparel

Yours Truly

VaVa by Joy Han at Atlanta Apparel

VaVa by Joy Han

Fashion Spy Varsity at Atlanta Apparel

Fashion Spy Varsity








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