With Americans making up the largest wine market in the world, there are a lot of empty bottles and discarded corks around.

Artisans are making use of those libation leftovers by crafting them into charming gifts.

Deby and Scott Cowdin of From the Blue Bag use common glass trash from local bars and restaurants to craft their one-of-a-kind flattened bottle serving dishes that are food functional and oven, freezer and dishwasher safe.

bottle bottle 2 

Not to ignore the bottle’s cork companions, Lori Strickland of Lucinda K crafts pewter cork pets that adorn the castoffs. The adorable pets are hand-molded from Strickland’s wax sculptures and are ideal for preserving corks from memorable bottles or occasions.


These handcrafted upcycled treasures appeal to consumers’ attention to environmentally friendly products as well as their increasing interest in wine and beverage products.

Retailers can find these wine accessories and more in the Temporary collection at The Atlanta Spring Gift, Home Furnishings and Holiday Market® through March 9 at AmericasMart.

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