Small Changes in Your Booth’s Presentation and Marketing Material That Can Generate Big Press Payoffs

By Amy Flurry of Recipe for Press

Amy FlurryAs a vendor, the trick to landing press and spreading the word about your product lies in attracting editors to your booth. What can you do to catch their attention and draw them into conversation? We’ve polled national home and lifestyle editors who scout the AmericasMart for new story ideas and compiled a few easy tips that will help you anticipate what writers, editors, and media influencers are looking for and what keeps them coming back for more.

Feature What’s New. Editors are sent to scout markets for new brands and products to feature in their upcoming issues, and many come to Atlanta for a potential scoop as AmericasMart runs before other major markets. But editors (and buyers too!) need to be able to identify at a glance what’s new in or about a collection without having to stop and enter a conversation. Many only skim the booth perimeters, which makes these areas the ideal places to position new products and stacks of cards sharing your contact information.

Say You’re The New Kid On The Block. Every editor wants to be the first to discover a brand-new business. If this is your first market, display a well-designed sign to identify that you are a “New Vendor,” and they’ll stop every time.

Make a Statement. Another way to stay on editors’ radars is to showcase a statement piece, like a creative sign or unique display that immediately gets people talking. These could also be posted as a media thumbnail with a clever caption. Editors see plenty of vendors throughout the day, and a standout item that represents your brand will help them think of you when compiling product features.

Keep Your Booth Staffed and Active. An editor never wants to go hunting for someone to talk to about a product, so make sure there is always someone present at your booth who is friendly, knowledgeable, and able to interact with the audience.

Be Easy to Reach. Nothing is more frustrating than the inability to easily reach a company you want to feature. To make things easier for interested editors, leave a thumb drive with high-resolution photos in the pressroom, and make sure all press material includes contact name, email and phone number.

Keep Your Takeaways Simple. Press kits weigh down an editor’s bag, and ultimately all of the information you put forward should be on your website. An over-sized postcard with social media handles, even a QR code, is a light and easy takeaway that will remind editors of your product and lead them back to your brand.

Tell Your Story. At the end of the day, what makes your product unique is its story, so don’t be afraid to get personal! Introduce yourself and share the story behind your brand or products as you lead editors to the newest releases. But remember to keep it brief: editors have a very specific mission and a lot of ground to cover, and they can’t afford to get hung up for too long at any one booth.

Ask for the Editor’s Email or Business Card. If an editor checks in with you and strikes up a conversation, by all means ask for their card or email address before they leave. A quick “thank you” follow-up in their inbox complete with a crisp picture of your product (low-res or 72 dpi embedded in the email) is a great reminder of your brand, as is a friendly “follow” on their Twitter or Pinterest.

Be Prepared to Act Fast. Discovering a new product gives editors a true high, but equally important is being able to access print-ready, high-resolution (300 dpi) images to forward to other editors back at the office. Consider a special media-only link to high-resolution product images and information that you can give to editors or leave in the pressroom. This saves both you and the editor time.

Amy Flurry, author of the  popular guide to DIY publicity, “Recipe for Press,” is revolutionizing the way entrepreneurs and businesses manage their own press! Her book and new Pitch Wheel and popular DIYPR workshops strengthen relationships between entrepreneurs and editors and help you get the press you deserve. She presents two seminars at The Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market in January 2014. “Are Your Pictures Press-Worthy?” is on Wednesday, January 8 at 2 p.m.  in the Building 1, Floor 10, Seminar Room 1001. “Retailer DIY PR 101: Turn Up the Volume on Your Publicity Efforts” is on Thursday, January 9 at 1 p.m.  in the Building 1, Floor 10, Seminar Room 1004. She can be reached at @Recipeforpress and

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