Trend Tracking: IBT Storm hits the Atlanta Apparel Market

By BeBe Benjamin of Nappy Model Inc.

BeBe BenjaminStorms generally move from west to east and it’s no different in this season’s fashion arena.  The IBT (Itty Bitty Tank) storm that flooded Nappy Model Inc. earlier this summer reigned at the Atlanta Apparel market in August with accessory clouds blowing sprays of color while drenching the runway.  The fashion radar had indicated that IBT’s would burst on the ATL scene and models proved the forecast to be accurate.  They were showered with tanks of intense colors designed by Judy P Apparel combined with jewelry, hats, and purses showcased by Emerging Designers.

Lightning struck more than once in the same place with a jewelry line by Amy Carlino of My Amy Lou.  Angela Kang of Queen Kang kept raindrops falling on their heads with her stylish veiled headwear.  Under the umbrella of eco-friendly materials stood elegant designs by Vella Mode and models managed to weather the IBT storm by strapping on custom leather handbags by Naomi Lingle of Zee Designs.

My Amy Lou Queen Kang Vella Mode Zee Designs

For up to the minute, reliable fashion outlooks, stay tuned to Nappy Model trend trackers:  BeBe and Loris at

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