Trends for Prom: 2014

Many prom trends this year are formalwear interpretations of both high fashion and street style that is relevant to this age group. Young celebrities like Selena Gomez, Chloe Moretz, Vanessa Gomez, and Carly Rae Jepsen spark many trends by what they wear to events such as award ceremonies and premieres. Some of the most notable trends are explored below.

1. Peplum

Peplum has exploded in popularity over the last few seasons. Peplum tops, skirts, and dresses can all be found at almost any location and for almost any budget. We will begin to see peplums making their way into the formalwear sector this year. They are fun, flirty and flattering on any figure. It’s an age appropriate way to make your dress (and you) stand out.

Trends for Prom 2013 2014Trends for Prom 2013 2014 2


2. Lace used in dramatic ways

Lace has made a big comeback. It is super feminine and really gives you the “princess, belle of the ball” look on your big day. An especially noticeable trend with lace is that it is being used as a prominent, striking feature on dresses instead of just in small details. Examples include large lace insets, and high lace necklines.

4"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala


3. Neon/BRIGHT hues (esp. Coral and Mint!)

Colored dresses have always been a major player for prom, but this year, the brighter the better. The recent surge in neon hued clothing in general is spilling into the prom world, meaning that bold hues are a great way to make a statement. The great thing about this trend is that it can also be combined with other trends, such as peplum or lace. We especially are seeing a presence of bright yet soft/fresh colors through the use of mints and corals.



4. High-low

The high-low trend gives designers an extra opportunity for innovation, a surprise element, either with a pop of a different color for the lining, a print underskirt, or a more elegant sheer train. It’s also ideal for teenagers that want that princess feel to their dress, but still want it to be fun and flirty.  



5. Ombre

Ombre is huge this season; we see it everywhere, from nail polish designs to hairstyles, and now prom dresses. The ombre can fade from one color to the next, or show a variation of one color.


6. Short with Sheer Overlay

A short dress that has a sheer overlay gives that elegant look, but with a modern, sexy twist. It’s the perfect combination of a party dress and a gown, and gives young ladies a tasteful way to be sexy on their special day.


7. Pastels

Pastels have been all the rage for the past two seasons, and the trend continues to show up in prom wear and the red carpet. The pale mint green and the light pastel pink seem to be the most popular.

248. High slit

Ever since Angelina Jolie’s high slit black velvet dress at the Oscars 2012, we have seen the high slit in formal wear everywhere! 


Look for all these trends and more at Atlanta Apparel’s World of Prom, August 8-12, 2013.

Trend Report provided by Atlanta Apparel at AmericasMart Atlanta.

6 thoughts on “Trends for Prom: 2014

  1. I have just opened a new bridal/prom shop, where I specialize in custom alterations. Would I benefit by attending americasmart?

    • Hi Suzanne!
      Congratulations on opening your store! Do you offer any products for sale, or do you focus solely on alterations? Visitors to AmericasMart must be active members of the retail or wholesale industry and be affiliated with a business that resells product represented in our buildings. Our main function is to provide a place for retailers and designers/brands/manufacturers to come together and do business, and we also pride ourselves on showcasing the latest trends, especially for prom and social occasion in August and bridal in September. If you do carry product in your store, whether it is dresses, jewelry or accessories, I do recommend coming to AmericasMart. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

  2. A fabulous collection of elegant prom dresses. There are a lot of styles and colors from different designers you can choose from; just always make sure that you are comfortable with what you are wearing.

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