Top 5 Ways To Give Your (or Your Client’s) Home Instant Curb Appeal

By John Gidding, host of HGTV’s Curb Appeal: The BlockJohn Gidding

1. House Numbers. Those little gold stickers have to go. There are many great examples of house numbers out there – make the $100 investment in some new numbers and you’ll never regret it. Try to keep the numbers in the style of the house, or with a metal finish that is used elsewhere on the house. Black, nickel, stainless – just have it match elsewhere like with the lighting and door hardware.

2. Front Door. Almost every front door I’ve come across needs some work, and the effect of a beautiful front door is very powerful for curb appeal. Paint is always a great option, especially if you already have a painted door. Use bright jewel or berry tones that complement and contrast with the various colors of your house, and pick a glossy finish and new hardware to give the final sheen. The threshold is also important – if it’s seen better days, replace it with a new one in wood or steel.

3. Welcome Mat. They are affordable and come in a variety of colors, shapes, motifs. There’s no reason to hold onto the same muddy mat year after year.

4. Pedestrian Path. It’s important to have a pedestrian-friendly path that doesn’t involve the driveway. Even though many homeowners drive out of and back to their house, rarely needing a path to get to the sidewalk, it’s important to create path to the front door that’s just for someone that might walk up. It is also a great way of calling attention to the front door or porch area which, if it’s a successful renovation, will have many eye-catching details to show off.

5. Mulch Matters. Don’t forget to mulch and re-mulch for immediate effect. Once your planting beds have been created and filled in, spend an afternoon with a few bags of mulch and some gloves. There are many types of mulch out there from chipped bark to crumbled car tires – use it as a graphic element that contrasts with the greenery.

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