5 Tips for Business Growth

By Lara Casey, editor-in-chief of Southern Weddings and branding expert with Making Brands Happen.

nancyray-laracaseypromo-1050Our greatest fear is usually not failure; it’s success.  Why?  Because we fear that finally realizing our full potential will mean we have to live up to those high expectations all the time.  We think growth means we will have to change.  Friends, change is awesome but it’s also scary, isn’t it? The alternative to not taking big risks for growth, however, is staying exactly where you are.  If you are reading this post, you are likely ready to dive in.  You want to take things to the next level.  You want to realize your fullest potential.  You are ready to make big things happen!

Since our company’s growth (like kudzu) doesn’t seem to be slowing down, I’ve been thinking about how much change I’ve endured in my business over the last decade. From it, here are 5 Things I’ve Learned About Business Growth. I hope these little nuggets help you, too.

Lara Casey example 1. I tell this to all of my clients, too. Be prepared for sudden growth. Streamline, simplify, automate, pre-stamp envelopes, take out the trash, clear the clutter and give yourself no excuse not to succeed when “Oprah calls”. In general, it is wiser to use your time to get your back-end organized and streamlined internally than to market yourself externally. Do one in preparation for the other. I learned this the hard way when we first launched Southern Weddings in 2008. Our brand exploded onto the market and I wasn’t prepared, so I ended up working 24/7 and my life suffered. My work suffered. I bit off more than I could chew. I kept thinking that “getting bigger” was the goal. If that is your goal, ask yourself WHY. Now I make decisions from my core – a core that is grounded in what matters most to me – and it never fails. Sudden growth still catches me off guard at times, but I’m much better at navigating those waters now with full sails!

2. Done is better than perfect. And another phrase I say to myself often: One thing at a time.

3. In times of busy business, stick to your CORE. It will guide you and help you make efficient decisions quickly. The goal in growth is not to get “bigger,” it’s to get better. You cannot please everyone. And, if you are doing things right and being very specific to your core, you won’t please everyone. That’s a very good thing. Your goal should be to capture a specific loyal audience, not the masses. We’ve had exponential success by following this model in business. When things get crazy around a launch or magazine release, we are all on the same page because we know exactly what our mission is. These are the little desk cards Nicole made for each of us as a reminder of our core and to be sure everything we do aligns with it. How cute is Henrietta? She is our office chicken mascot. Oh yes.


I don’t have to micromanage anyone in this office ever. They know what our heart is and they are as passionate as I am about making that heart happen. Specific and small are the new big. Follow your core. Say NO to what doesn’t fit your core, and take big risks in saying YES to what does.

4. Growth is exciting, but be sure to prioritize. And “prioritizing” doesn’t mean letting things slide. It means being more efficient. When you add to your company, don’t forget the rest of your business that still has to run and run well. If your core services fall through the cracks and you spread yourself thin, your growth is pointless. So, be prepared, be efficient, get more help if you can’t do it all and grow wisely. Use your time wisely. Get off Facebook. Make things happen.

5. Don’t wait to start your big idea. Growth is scary because it can mean big life change, but isn’t that risk worth it for what you really want?? The timing will never be “perfect.” As my friend Ritchie says in his new book, The Power of Starting Something Stupid, “Don’t wait. Start stuff!” Stuff meaning the things that MATTER. Take risks. Take risks. Take risks! In the midst of huge transition and growing pains and any time you are overwhelmed, just keep choosing what’s right. One. Step. At. A. Time. But, the point is to CHOOSE. Again: Take risks. Take risks. Take risks. Don’t let fear or a state of “overwhelmed” keep you from moving forward. Don’t wait. Start good stuff!

I love this excerpt from Richie’s book: “I refuse to achieve success at the expense of my life. The two – life success and genuine fulfillment – will have to go hand in hand, because I will not keep my head down for the next forty years only to look up at the end and say, “Now I can finally start living!… Don’t wait. Start stuff.”

A year from now, you will wish you had started today. – Karen Lamb  What do you need to start? What do you want to make happen?  There is only one way forward:  action.  Take it.

Lara Casey presents “Make it Happen: Powerful Branding for Creative Entrepreneurs” as part of The Education Center at The Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market on Friday, July 12 at 3:00 p.m. Visit AmericasMart.com for a complete list of seminars and events.

2 thoughts on “5 Tips for Business Growth

  1. I love this, Lara! Number 1 was so true for me. I thought I had all of my branding and process figured out and then BOOM I went from 8 weddings my first year to 27 the next, and I was so unprepared! I really understand the value of using downtime to set yourself up for success, and especially the things that don’t require extra money for those starting out, like streamlining email responses and keeping reference materials together (like a folder of marketing documents for example). I love all of these, really, but number 3 is so true, too. It’s such a trap to think that all business is good business, when if you aren’t allowing room for things that fire you up because you have taken on too many projects by saying yes to everything, you burn out and wonder why you keep getting jobs you don’t love. I feel like that goes hand in hand with show what you want to sell. Show your heart and your passions and people will want to buy those!

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