How to Grow Your Business with Blogging

Blogging    +    Grow Business Online    =    Grow Your Business

Blogging makes it possible for business owners to grow their businesses online and to tell their stories in fresh ways to reach new audiences. There is power in a story: stories draw us in, and they captivate our attention. They teach us more about each other and strengthen the bonds of relationships.

Blog article writing is an essential element in helping unfold a story to customers and breach the radar of new customers. Site visitors and search engines are looking for fresh, interesting content. Published and optimized blogs are like an annuity – they will continue to attract your targets’ and search engine interests into the future. Blogs combine elements of websites, newsletters and forums. They provide static pages of information like sales letters, drive action like informational emails, and create conversation through interaction.

However, the best blogs engage target customers to take action. Position yourself so search engines readily find you, then nurture those online relationships so the potential customer gains trust and ultimately chooses to either buy from you online or visit your store. By responding to customers and comments, blogs can help grow businesses by fostering community.

• Lead Generation
• Research and Development
• Direct Sales
• Brand Awareness
• Search Engine Traffic
• Sales Support
• Public Relations
• Crisis Management
• Attracting New Audiences
• Interaction and Engagement
• Learning From Your Audience

Grow your audience by thinking long term and offering overwhelming value. By being genuine, approachable, helpful and friendly, you will create raving fans. Take your audience on a journey from a visitor to a return visitor by providing educational resources and other informational articles. Turn them into subscribers by solving their problems and demonstrating solutions. Convert them into customers by encouraging conversation, involvement and a sense of community. Use persuasion, conversation and provide a call to action with a compelling offer. Readers who constantly consume your content create free word of mouth marketing for your brand.

Audience Lifecycle: Visitor->Return Visitor->Subscriber->Converted->Advocate

Start with your title first. Use a whiteboard for developing keywords and topics into your blog post title. Use the Google keywords tool, use long tail keywords and use nine words or less for better refined searches. Have your blog topic answer questions: Is your topic for fun, to grow business, or to position you as an industry expert? What compelling position can you provide to readers? Who is the audience and what’s the point? Blog titles that answer questions or demonstrate practical advice by using specific information are the most compelling. Use comparisons, percentages, numbers and specific product information to validate credibility.

Blogging Quotes   Benefits of Blogging
Businesses that blog at least 20 times per month generate more than five times more traffic than those that blog four times per month. Those that blog also get 4x more leads than others. Set a publishing schedule or outsource by using guest bloggers and having co-workers lend a hand. Create useful internal and external links to provide better educational experiences for users. Have your links open to a new window and make sure the keyword you’re linking to is a website that contains the same keyword on that site. Host other blogs and bloggers — everyone loves to be featured, and it offers an opportunity to reach out in the blogging community.

capture 19How can you make your blog article more interactive? Use a call-to-action encouraging readers to engage: Share button for social, an open-ended question, invitation to comment below, “email us now invitation,” click to tweet, downloadable paper, etc. Ask questions, get feedback and learn as they learn. Use two to three related original images in each post and label them accordingly. Make sure to name each image, description and alt text using the same keywords. Keep your blog easy to read with images, video and design principles. Six-hundred or more word posts enable better engagement for staying on a specific page longer. Use 7-10 keywords when you are tagging your blog posts and link back to your website to make it more searchable.

Finally, measure your blog with metrics such as Marketing grader, unique visitors, traffic rank, indexed pages, linking domains, MozRank and Facebook fans. Like any productive practice in your business, blogging takes commitment, investment and a bit of creativity to achieve real results. With determination, publishing weekly and promoting your posts across the top social media networks or using applications such as Share this, you can help gain attention. Happy Blogging!

• Attract targeted visitors who have a problem you can solve.
• Inform, advise, discuss, help.
• Build trust with positive experience over time.
• Demonstrate positive results.
• Make offers that match audience wants/needs.

What types of Blogging techniques do you use?
Tell us by leaving a comment below!

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