On Display in April

With so many incredible lines at the April 2013 Atlanta Apparel Market, it can tough for an exhibitor to stand out or for a buyer to see everything. Creative displays help both – just as innovation and imagination can help showcase merchandise in store.

One way multiple showrooms and temps made sure to stand out was using vintage props. Whether product is antique, reproduction, retro or contemporary, the alignment and juxtaposition makes people stop and take notice – just what you want from a display. The whole idea is to make someone notice enough to take a second look at the product.

Many apparel retailers extend their sales opportunities by selling props and display pieces. You never know when that antique icebox you’re using to show off jewelry or the reclaimed wood pallet used for a hanging display of the latest boho chic tops is exactly what a customer has been searching for. Turning the pieces used for displays as often as the merchandise displayed makes customers always see a store as fresh and different. If you don’t want to invest in buying furniture pieces, consider partnering with another local business to cross-promote. No matter where you get the pieces, think outside the box – unless you’re thinking about an antique box camera and photos of customers wearing outfits from your store, which would be a great idea.

Here’s a peek at a few of the fun props well used during April Market:

La Belle VieTreska Belvedere Society  Belvedere SocietyJP & Mattie

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