Textile Terms You Should Know

Natalie Scott of Outdura held a great presentation yesterday on outdoor fabrics. Here are a  few textile terms Scott discussed.

  • Weave: The method or process of interlacing two yarns so that they cross each other at right angles to produce woven fabric.
  • Warp: The set of yarn elements running lengthwise on a loom and in woven fabrics on the bolt. It is in place before the filling yarns are woven over and under it. Individual warp yarns are called ends.
  • Fill: The set of yarn elements in a woven fabric that run horizontally or from selvage to selvage, crossing and interlacing with the warp. Individual filling yarns are called picks.
  • Stria: A stripe that changes subtly in color and/or texture throughout the fabric usually creating an all-over effect. Light/Medium/Dark strands are rotated to make stria patterns.
  • Plain Weave: One of three basic weaves, in which a filling yarn crosses over a warp yarn and the under the next warp yarn. Each row alternates the “over” and “under” warp yarns.
  • Picks: Individual yarns that run horizontally to form the filling.
  • Pick Count: Number of picks per inch in a fabric.
  • SDA: Solution Dyed Acrylic—Acrylic fiber in which the coloring pigment is introduced into the spinning solution.
  • Jacquard: A system of weaving which, because of a pattern making mechanism of great versatility, permits the production of complicated patterns and weaves.
  • Dobby: A system of weaving, on a dobby loom, consisting of a simple structure.
  • DWR: Durable Water Resistance- special finish applied after weaving on Outdura fabrics which enhance water resistant and stain resistant features.
  • Selvage: A narrow woven edge portion of fabric parallel to the warp.
  • Width: Term used to determine measurement of finished fabric; the distance from selvage to selvage (47”, 54”, 60”, 99”, 108”).
  • Up the Roll: Term for the direction of a fabric- between selvage, the pattern goes up the goods.
  • Railroaded: Term for the direction of a fabric- between selvage, the pattern goes across the goods.

Outdura fabrics

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