Choosing the Perfect Rug with Kenneth Brown

Kenneth-BrownDesigner Kenneth Brown, of HGTV’s “reDesign,” shares his tips for adding a rug to your décor:

  • When using an area rug to anchor a furniture arrangement, be sure that you select the right size – a quick rule of thumb – at least the front legs of furniture should sit on the rug.
  • Use rugs to pull colors together. No matter what colors, materials or finishes you have, an area rug can pull all the colors together to help unify the space.
  • A sophisticated rug adds an elevated level of style to a design and completes the look. The intricate patterns of area rugs add visual interest.
  • Layering rugs creates a casual atmosphere with visual interest, and the best part is that it works in any space. Get layering!
  • Grounding the space with a neutral colored rug is a safe choice and helps define the area. If you are brave and bold, choose a bright and colorful rug. If you keep the furnishings neutral, the rug will stand out even more.
  • Area rugs are guaranteed to warm up any space. To make a living room more comfortable, bring in a large area rug so friends can feel comfy lying on the floor.

Come see Kenneth present “Decorating from Top to Bottom” on Friday, January 11, at 10 a.m. in Building 1, Floor 4, Room 4-D-8.Learn how rugs can kick start the design in putting the finishing touches on your designs and see how he’s incorporated those rugs in designing A-List celebrity homes.

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