‘Maximizing’ Your Jewelry Display

by John WindDesigner and Founder John Wind/Maximal Art

One of my favorite roles is that of Chief Merchandiser at our Trade Shows. Over our 27 years in business, I have developed a formula for displaying our jewelry that captivates buyers and makes the ordering process organized and easy.

I’m on the road a lot~ and I love seeing a good display! But we are always being asked how to improve jewelry displays.

So here are some secrets inspired by our trade shows, my travels, and my recent trunk show at Silver Gallery Int’l in Greensboro, NC.

  1. Whenever possible, keep the jewelry out of case and touchable. In many stores this means by the cash/wrap desk, which leads right into tip number two…
  2. Place jewelry in spots where customers linger. Because of its small scale, jewelry can easily get lost in a store. Try placing it near the cash desk or in a dedicated accessories area.
  3. Keep the display neat but not sterile. You want it too look rich, but inviting.
  4. Show multiples for impact. Massing a dozen of the same bracelet on a bar can pack a punch.
  5. Mix in some vintage props to add a touch of glamour and whimsy to the display.

Many thanks to our friends Lisa and Brittany at Silver Gallery Int’l for inspiring this blog post~ and I hope it inspires all of you, too!

For more tips and tricks on our display, head over to www.maximalart.com for the full article.



You can visit John Wind’s booth at the Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Market in January in High Design, Building 2 WestWing, Booth 1-519.

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