Frederick Morelli’s Spectacular Holiday Window Display Tips

Guest blogger Frederick Morelli is the Merchandising Coordinator for fab’rik Atlanta and has an exceptional eye for design. Frederick will be leading one of the seminars at this week’s Atlanta Apparel Market. Join him at 1 p.m. on October 11th as he shares valuable insight on creating captivating holiday window displays for your retail store. In the meantime, he has agreed to share some of his tips to entice you to attend.


Tis’ the season to shine, spread some holiday cheer and stand out from your competition! Eye-catching Holiday displays will excite your customers and put them in the Holiday Spirit! A well planned display will also help attract customers to your store that otherwise might have passed right by. Set your store apart this holiday season with an innovative holiday window display!

PLAN AHEAD  It’s never too soon to start planning. In corporate retail, display cycles are typically planned one to three years in advance! It may not be necessary to begin that early for smaller stores, but a well planned window display will keep you and your employees jolly all season long. A good rule of thumb is to begin planning a season in advance. If your holiday window will run from November to January planning should begin in August. Decide on a theme for the display, timeframes, materials and signage. Make your list and check it twice-organization is tree-mendous when executing a display.

BE DIFFERENT!  Millions of dollars are invested each year into holiday displays! A majority of that money is spent on researching and developing new and creative ideas to make your spirits bright. If you think those dusty old boughs of holly are going to cut it, you can fa-la-la-forget-it!  Your display doesn’t have to be an over-the-top spectacle to rival The Griswolds, but be new, fresh and give your shoppers a dose of Christmas cheer.

Independent retailers don’t have corporate guidelines to follow for window displays and you should use this freedom to create innovative displays that reflect your brand. Drama, creativity and imagination are what draw shoppers into your store and keep them coming, Surprise your customers this season with something they haven’t seen before.

DECK YOUR DISPLAYS  We know window displays are meant to grab the attention of shoppers and entice them to spend, spend, spend, but they should also tell a story to people passing by. Whether you want to excite kids with the prospect of Christmas morning or remind their parents of the magic of the season, your holiday displays should strike a chord with onlookers. Don’t be a Grinch! A small investment into a holiday display will definitely increase your foot traffic and impact your sales this holiday.

– Frederick Morelli

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