Meet our Retail Expert Panelist Shelley Mueller

Meet Shelley Mueller who will be participating in our Retail Experts Panel September 19, the day before our new Market, VOW | New World of Bridal. She’ll contribute the perspective of running a family-owned business and succeeding in small-town rural America in “What Success Looks Like Now – Behind the Scenes of Bridal Retailing.”

In the 1920’s Shelley Mueller’s grandparents took over ownership of Becker’s Department Store, which had been the family business since the 1890s. In 1934, another local business owner heard that manufactured wedding dresses were replacing homemade dresses as the new trend in bridal fashion and asked Shelley’s grandmother to bring back a finished dress from a buying trip to Chicago.More requests followed as news spread throughout the town and over the next 35 years their business transformed from a general store into a bridal shop.

Shelley is the 4th generation in her family to own the business, which now serves 1,800 brides per year. These brides may choose from Becker’s selection of 2,500 different wedding gowns, all under one roof. In addition, they can simply cross the street to the 2nd location dedicated entirely to the wedding party.

Becker’s Bridal has been a huge success in its own right. However, in 2010 Wall Street journalist Jeffrey Zaslow brought Becker’s to the national limelight when he published “Magic Room,” a book capturing the unique and extraordinary retail experience that the Becker family created almost a century ago and continues today.

To find out more about our Retail Experts Panel and VOW | New World of Bridal visit our website at

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