Frederick Morelli’s Tips for Creating Eye-Catching Displays

AmericasMart was thrilled to have Frederick Morelli as our guest speaker on Friday for Apparel Market. Frederick creates eye-catching displays every day for Atlanta-based fab’rik boutique and was here to share his secrets with buyers.

First and foremost, Frederick emphasized the importance of always staying on message and continuously making certain that your displays are properly conveying your brand. With this in mind, here are our other favorite tips he presented for creating window displays that wow.

*Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone – There’s a lot of visual stimulation in our surroundings so think outside of the box and make your window displays stand out to passersby.

*Create a Focal Point – Emphasize your product by creating one powerful focal point and properly placing your product within the display.

*Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize – Use props and accessories, but make certain they are proportionate with your space and help tell a story and reinforce your setting. Accessories should draw the eye to your focal point.

*Be Bright! – As Frederick stated in the seminar, “Bright colors create happy people and happy people spend money.” Need we say more?

*Lighting is Key – Frederick believes lighting is one of the most underutilized yet most important features of display design. He suggests making your window display lighting twice as bright as the lighting within your store and to use spotlights to highlight and draw focus to the product you are seeking to feature.

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