Hurray for Saturday!

It’s day three of the Apparel Market here at AmericasMart and we have a day that is packed with great of events.

At 10 a.m. head to floor 8 for the Cause Related Marketing seminar presented by T.J. Reid, former award-winning retailer and Editor of Fashion Advantage Magazine. T.J. will teach you how to create cause-related events that will benefit a deserving cause as well as your store. She’ll provide tips about creating successful programs such as Cure by Design and Have a Heart, helping to show you how to select and support a cause in your area.

Don’t miss all of the cuties strutting their stuff down the runway dressed in the latest designs for kids. This Daily Strut, featuring Children’s World, will be at 11 a.m. on floor 2.

Take a break at 2 p.m. and head to floor 4 for to chill out with some Italian ice or get a coffee pick-me-up on floor 2. Stick around floor 2 and head to the runway for the 3 p.m. Daily Strut featuring Premiere and Young Contemporary fashion designs.

Ready to shop till you drop? Today you can continue visiting vendors with our Shop Late Till 8 on floors 2 and 8.

For more information on AmericasMart and what’s coming up next, visit our website. Stay up-to-date with all of our latest news by giving our Facebook Page a like or by following us on Twitter!

2 thoughts on “Hurray for Saturday!

    • Hi Michelle,
      You can find information about a subscription to Fashion Advantage magazine on T.J.’s website. You will receive copies of her books What Mother Never Told Ya About Retail, What Mother Never Told Ya About Promotions and What Mother Never Told Ya About Fashion with your subscription. Here’s a direct link to more information:

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