Jillian Harris

by Jillian Harris

Hi Atlanta!

I am so excited to be speaking at AmericasMart in July! First and foremost, I’ve never been to Atlanta! I’ve heard SO many wonderful things from my friend Ty Pennington, who is

Come see Jillian Harris at AmericasMart!

from Atlanta. One of the things he talks about the most is how vibrant Atlanta is, which is exactly my design discipline when I speak about how to decorate your home.

Before coming to my seminar, think of all the things that make you tick and the items in your life that mean the most to you. Are you currently looking at them everyday? It could be a favorite recipe, an old stopwatch, a child’s dress or a fur coat. It could simply be a photo or postcard that makes your heart go pitter patter! If possible, I would love for you to bring these items with you!

I’ll be speaking a bit about how to bring the story of YOU into your home, in a way that is high design and will have all your friends ooohing and aahing and asking questions about where you got this, and what made you think of that. It’s all about walking into a room and getting warm fuzzies, seeing little shots of your life peppered in every corner, while maintaining a room that is so perfectly tied together it could be on a magazine cover.

I’m so excited to meet all of you and hopefully share some inspiring ways to complete your home!


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