Julie Kenney

Julie Kenney is a mom of two boys, Blake, 8, and Landon, 5. After succeeding in the corporate world, Julie longed for something more fulfilling. She was inspired to combine her love of creating fabulous gift bags and her heart for charity into her own celebrity gifting company, Jewels and Pinstripes. This innovative company allowed Julie to be truly passionate about her work, raise awareness to many deserving charities and have a flexible schedule to stay at home and raise her boys.As Jewels and

Come see Julie Kenney at AmericasMart!

Pinstripes grew from an extra bedroom in Julie’s house to a large office space in Northern California, Julie maintained the balance of a strong businesswoman and full-time mom, jetting off to an A-List event one week while helping in the classroom and serving as team mom to the baseball team the next.

While continuously searching for the perfect gifts for family members and friends AND for her popular Jewels and Pinstripes celebrity gift bags, Julie Kenney has come across and works with some of the best luxury products on the market. As a leader in the celebrity gifting industry for more than seven years, Julie is known by several media outlets as the “go to girl for great gifts”. The many requests for Julie’s gift expertise prompted her to create a website called The Gifting Experts, which features hand-picked gift items along with the best gift guides the web has to offer, giveaways, top 10 gift lists and more!

After a very successful gifting seminar in January, Julie is back at AmericasMart for double the fun! Her two seminars will allow you to touch and experience top products first hand. Plus, The Gifting Experts will provide you with key time-saving information such as product lines, booth information and company websites.

Friday, July 13, 3-4 p.m.
Building 2 WestWing, Floor 10, Seminar Room
Julie reveals her Top 10 Gift List for garden products and discusses how you can tap into this growing market and incorporate these popular products year-round.

Saturday, July 14, 11 a.m.-noon
Building 2 WestWing, Floor 6, Escalator Lobby
Julie walks you through her Top 10 Gift Lists in popular consumer categories featured at AmericasMart Atlanta. Her expert gifting lists will ready your business for a profitable holiday season.

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