Accessories on the Rise

Since the economic downturn, we have seen an abundance of accessory lines at tradeshows. They have become an easy, more efficient way to spice up your wardrobe. Add a scarf instead a new top, buy a pair of $200 shoes you will wear daily instead of a $200 skirt, or throw a statement necklace on an old dress.

Even though we are seeing the apparel industry coming back, accessories never went away, and Atlanta Apparel is no different. We have fabulous hand-crafted, original, and statement accessories at our April show. Here are just a few of our new, up-and-coming lines who show true originality.

Wm. coleman mills is debuting their scarf collection at Atlanta Apparel. He is an established artist who has projected his paintings onto these beautiful cotton voile and silk chiffon scarves.

Deepa Gurnani is an accessory line out of New York who creates the most amazing beaded headbands, bags, and jewelry.

Inge Christopher is handbag line also out of New York. They stand apart because of their use of many different, unique fabrics and materials.

In our shoe category, Rockwell Tharp is debuting their collection of embroidered accessories at our April show. Their unique embroidery has a pattern for everyone and would brighten up any boutique.

You can find all of these collections, and much more, on our Premiere, floor 2, at the Atlanta Apparel show this weekend.

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