Opening Day Events at February Atlanta Apparel

The energy is building and we are excited to swing open our doors tomorrow morning for the February Atlanta Apparel Market!

Here is a quick preview of Thursday’s fashion focused special events:

Increase the Impulse: Live Merchandising Demo

10-11 a.m. Floor 2, Center Stage

We are thrilled to have snagged the Visual Merchandising guru from Fab’rik  {Atlanta-based fashion boutique franchise…that is amazing!} to kick off our Merchandising Demonstration series. Grab some free breakfast and watch Frederick Morelli style accessories to increase impulse SALES! Bonus…I got an insider look at the featured accessories, and they are sure to be top Spring/Summer sellers!

Buyers- if you start your shopping on Thursday, make sure you hit up one of our tote bag giveaway events. Be one of the first to snag the hottest freebie at Market that will definitely look hot on your shoulder! {Check out registration signage and your Apparel Guide for details}

A Stylish Soiree

5:30-6:30 p.m. Floor 9

By this time you will probably be ready for a cocktail, specialty snacks and more shopping! Floor 9 is the place to be for a lavish complimentary cocktail party. The floor will be ready to party with free drinks, delectable foods, a live DJ and…a photo booth! Enjoy the fun- and tweet your pictures to us at @atlantaapparel


We know that our Atlanta Apparel customers aren’t quite ready to stop the party at 6:30 p.m…So, we will all be heading down the street to Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint to continue the party and start this market off right! Juke Joint is about 2 blocks away and well worth the walk. Their food is southern-ly scrumptious and I have been eyeing their drink list all week. Pimms + Lemonade classic potable or the Fresh Watermelon Aya Tini martini? Decisions….decisions…


+ It wouldn’t be an Apparel Market without fashion shows! Catch the catwalk events at Noon and 4 p.m. daily on the floor 2 center stage.

For to-the-minute fashions follow us on Twitter at @atlantaapparel & check back here as I blog LIVE from the Atlanta Apparel floors!

See you tomorrow!

-Amanda Macy Cheek

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