Increase the Impulse- February Atlanta Apparel

Increase the Impulse: Live Demonstration

The creative and talented Fredrick from Fab’rik unloaded amazing information to our retailers this morning to kick off the Market!

Let’s get straight to the information…

When setting your tabletop displays have the mindset of enticing your customer, selling a story and setting a scene. Pick your theme and go with it- all pieces should correlate back to the original “look” and be cohesive. Fredrick knows his customer well and develops his themes based on upcoming trends and what he knows his client is looking for.

Frederick stressed three main steps to setting the perfect style setting…

  1. Balance the table: start with a blank canvas then pick a focal point (typically the most expensive item on the table) next play with scale, shades of similar colors and texture. At this point your table should be flat, but full of fashion.
  2. Add Depth: roll up sleeves, cuff pant legs, hang belts from pants, etc. Layer different colored tanks with tops and always tuck a top under an outerwear piece. Tip- by showing the items together in unexpected and trendy ways; your customer is more likely to gravitate towards purchasing the entire look rather than just a singular piece. Jeans + Belt = Increased Sale!
  3. Add height: this is your chance to show off your hot accessories. A great pair of heels stacked together, sexy flats staged on a display block, bring the eye up with a handbag that makes a statement and back down by layering bangles and necklaces in groups of three. For summer- a lovely sun hat and sexy “sunnies” will be items that move fast when well displayed.

Remember that table displays are your silent seller and should be changed out twice a week- or more. Integrate easy buys with higher priced item; your goal is to sell a look!

For to-the-minute fashions follow us on Twitter at @atlantaapparel & check back here as I blog LIVE from the Atlanta Apparel floors!

See you tomorrow!

-Amanda Macy Cheek

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