Try Something New this Season: Vegan Leather Handbags

abeje-sneed-1659Alternative leather Handbags in vegan leather, industrial felt, waxed cotton and faux fur have walked the Atlanta runway. Howver, finding non-leather US-manufactured handbags is difficult. Many designers claim to use “GREEN” materials but leather tanning involves multiple toxins and is NOT an eco-friendly material. Previously, alternative materials were even worse. New handbag materials include: Industrial felt, waxed cotton, vegan leather (Non-PVC bio-degradable urethane) and organic fabrics. When seeking the real deal, ask to see material certifications when you talk with exhibitors – true Eco-Fashion designers certify materials for all of their products. All organics should be GOTS certified to insure they meet Global standards. 

There are additional ways in which designers and manufacturers can approach the eco-fashion trend including: designing with eco-friendly materials, creating zero-waste manufacturing methods (or patterns), analyzing alternative power sources for manufacturing process and identifying local distribution options for lowering the carbon footprint of fashion products. A few accessory companies, such as Fibre Arts Design,  Palo Alto, CA have adopted many of these eco-friendly practices for their handbag line. For instance, they design and cut zero or low wasted patterns for manufacturing to lower or eliminate the waste in the manufacturing process. Many items are actually constructed using fabrics rewoven from cutting room waste. In addition, all the power for Fibre Arts Design is purchased from Wind and Solar power sources. Many communities have begun to offer these “green” or alternative power options to businesses. It may cost more to purchase green power, but the result is a lower carbon footprint product. In addition, Fibre Arts is in discussion with some Atlanta folks to explore setting up an eco-friendly manufacturing plant on the east coast to offer even lower carbon footprint shipping options to retail partners in the Eastern US.

Find out more about Wo and Fibre Arts Design studio here:

Plus, be sure to visit Fibre Arts Designs at their booth in Premier on the 2nd Floor, booth #2-114.

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